Ethermia- This Is War

Etherima was a beautiful planet, discovered in 3002 by a famous Scientist named Weelwork. He sent humans out onto the planet and soon realised they where dying dramatically, their blood spiralled across the floor, their bodies disintegrating. That’s when he discovered that there was life on this peculiar planet, life not so different from theirs. So he sent millions of armies, troops and rulers out to search across this planet, to invade, to bring back on living Hundre. They where each murdered by the Hundre’s the second they set foot on Etherima. The Hundre’s had been raised under the circumstances that they must fight for a living, they where trained arts to fight, they where trained to kill.


2. Battlefield


The morning was still dawning as I woke, I climbed out from under my harsh Hessian cover and pulled on my boots and buttoned up my old second hand navy t-shirt and pulled on my tight riding leggings and washed my face and tied back my flicking matted blonde hair with an outstretched elastic band “Is that you, Bella?” Cora asked, she looked sleepy and drowned with doubt. I nodded “Yeah, Cora. Just go back to sleep, okay?” I whispered, desperately not wanting to wake my two brothers as well as Cora.  “Of course.” Cora whispered and dosed back off to bed under the thin covers, I shut the window and pulled down the thin curtain and climbed over the small half broken door and took off out of the back door. I made my way towards the stables. I jumped over the door he looked like he was lackadaisical. I sighed and rested my head against the stable door and brushed his silky coat and jumped on him, straddling him, I gripped his long mane and we lurched over the stall and began towards the never-ending meadows. Our world was amazing, I thought as I soared over the grasslands of never ending growing plants. I reached the battlefield and dismounted my horse. The humans from Earth clearly didn’t expect us to be so normal.


We where like humans Ventie had told us during our Natural Studies lessons, it was one of my favourite lessons at school. Ventie had told us that on Earth they had schools and lessons as well, which I found hard to believe. He explained that they rode horses and ate animals like us to, he also explained they invented items as well, he gave us the chance to invent something during that lesson, but I felt stupid and pointless, it was daft teaching us things we didn’t need to know. But Ventie also told us they weren’t born with the skills of how to kill, this stunned me but then of course they didn’t survive a second on the our planet. Ventie had called them Humans, I thought it sounded like a vile unimportant word, where as our ruler, President Harpenly explained that they were like us, they learnt.


“Arabella, children aren’t supposed to play around here.” His cold brittle voice shocked me, I turned slowly to face him. It was Oryan, I blinked

“Oh, just go away.” I said flipping him off and walked around the knee height grass that itched around my knees.

“What are you doing here? You could be executed for leaving the villiage.” Oryan explained, I turned around and faced him

“Honestly, I am fine alone.” I whispered, my voice wasn’t a strong now. The rules where harsh but they where also very committed. I fidgeted, I knew Oryan wouldn’t trade me over, we had a special relationship that he needed. He watched me with those dull grey eyes and sighed,

“Fine. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said and took off. I couldn’t help wondering why he was here but I didn’t want to call him back. So I took the beads out of my pocket and rummaged around in the grass and then sat down. The sky was an unpleasant dull colour, it was a teary moment a mixture between the darkness of the evening and the thick fog of the day that hid the sun, underneath me hid my fathers grave.  

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