A Summer Holiday with One Direction

Meena Roberts is going to England for a summer internship. She ends up getting stuck on a roller coaster with One Direction's, Liam Payne. But theres just one problem...

She hates One Direction!!!!!!

How will Liam win Meena's heart? Find out in "A Summer Holiday with One Direction".


1. Summer Time!


Meena's POV

     BBBBRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!  All the kids rush out of the room. As I walk to my locker, I see Girls crying and boys acting like idiots.  I gather my things and head out of Dominion High.  I turn around and look at it one last time. 


       I open the door to my house. I drop my backpack and my books on my couch and run upstairs.     when I check twitter as I open my bedroom door.  I look up and see my friends, Rachel, Claire, Maddie and Sammi.  " Oh my god!" I put my hand on my chest.  " You guys scared the shit out of me!" I search for a pillow to throw at them.  " Look guys, little Ms.FancyEurope is too fancy to say goodbye to us before she leaves!" Rachel pretends I'm not there.  "  Sorry. Oh that reminds me! Guess What!" I grin like an idiot.  " What?" they say all together.  " I did a little extra work, got a little extra money and got tickets to UK for you guys!" I pull out all five tickets.  " Shut up!" Maddie's jaw drops.  " OMG!" Rachel grins a mile wide grin.  " I love you!" Claire gets up and hugs me.  " Thank you soooo much!" Sammi grabs the tickets and stares at them.  " Haha! Your welcome!" I smile.  " I gotta go." Maddie clicks  off her phone.  " Yeah me too." Rachel joins her.  " I gotta go to starbucks!" Sammi hops off my bed.  " Ok, Bye!" I wave at them. I live alone with Claire.  Our parents died. It sucks because I'm 18 and Claire is 19.  I go down stairs.  I pick up my books and order some pizza from PIZZA HUT.  I go and pick up the pizza. Claire and I eat that for dinner with some COCA COLA. I text the girls to tell them to start packing because we're leaving next week.

*~* THE NEXT DAY *~*

      A ray of sun light, coming through the baby blue curtains, kisses my skin.  The warmth reminds me of when I was a kid. My mom and I used to bake cookies.  Her hands were so soft and warm.  When my dad used to come home, he would give me $5.00 and tell me that we would later go and buy some gum.  Whenever I hugged them, I-I felt so safe, so warm.  I miss them so much.  Whenever I go to the park I see 5-35 year olds with their parents.  I feel so alone when I look at the happy families.  I mean like I'm an only child.  I have no brothers or sisters that drive me insane.  I have no parents, no grandparents.  All I have are aunts and uncles.  Some of them are so mean and only care for themselves.  Some of them are so nice!  I cant stand thinking about my family without crying. I just get out of bed before I start crying.  I check the clock. It's like 1:30 or something.  I run down stairs.  " Hello Sleeping Beauty!" Claire laughs.  " You got the sleeping part right. I'm not sure about the beauty part though. In beauty and the beast, I'm the beast and my phone is the beauty!" i make some cereal and sit next to Claire.  " What are ya watching?" I ask Claire.  " Doctor Who." she replies.  " Hey, do you think David Tennant is good looking?" I ask while smiling at the TV.  " I think Niall Horan is sexy but I'm not sure about David." Claire snatches the bowl from me and starts eating.  " Hey those are my corn flakes!" I snatch the bowl back.  " How come the Doctor always kisses almost ALL the girls he meets?" Claire ask.  " I don't care how many girls he kisses, but I'm gonna tell you that I'm gonna be one of them! Thats why I'm going to London!" I smile.  " Thats not the reason why your going to London! You have an internship! That why your going!" Claire laughs.  " No its not! I'm gonna meet that HAWT mad man! Thats why I'm going!" I point to the TV.  " Whatever!" Claire resumes watching Doctor Who.


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