<3 we could be each others first kiss! <3

Becca has her first kiss


3. i need to tell you something


"Um, what are they doing?" I pulled a confused smiling face. "I have to..... ask you.... um ...... something ..." He looked so nervous. "Okay." "So the thing is" he said slowly and nervously "I don't know why but I like you." I smiled at him. "You know like-like, as in more than friends like." "You're joking right? Is this some sort of prank?" "No! I would never do that." He immediately replied. "Wow Jai, I mean, you're a janoskian and I'm just another girl." "You're not just another girl; you're way different and I like that.  You stand out from any other girl I've met and I'm so attracted to you" "Aw." He held me hands in his and looked me in the eyes.  "Will you be mine?" "Of course" I smiled. He smiled back and kissed my forehead. The rest of the guys quickly came over.   
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