<3 we could be each others first kiss! <3

Becca has her first kiss


4. going out now


"So you guys are like going out now?" Smiled Skip.  "Or are you still homo Jai?" teased Beau Jai was about to sack tap him but I pulled his hand into mine as Beau backed away.  "Jai's never been kissed" Luke chuckled, wincing at Jai going to hit him.  "F**k off!' Jai kicked Luke in the shin hard.  "That's okay" I smiled reassuringly "It's cute." Jai smiled at me "No, it's embarrassing." "Then I guess I should be embarrassed too because neither have I" "Then you can both be each other's first kisses and be all like" Spoke Beau before showing us his opened mouth, tongue sort of hanging out with his hands in the air holding an invisible face. (his way of making out) Jai sack taped him this time while Beau's eyes were closed.  "Ow, f**k!" Screeched Beau immediately pulling away and crouching.  "Jai" I said softly.  "Sorry." He replied.  
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