<3 we could be each others first kiss! <3

Becca has her first kiss


5. anger


Then these little 12 year olds in denim Shorts and tank tops showed up. "Oh my god, it's the Janoskians!" Called out the girl in the middle, snapping her bubblegum. The other two just stood there with weird smiles on their faces. They looked at me with daggers before the leader spoke.  "Um, could you take a picture for us?" She asked with a fake smile "Yeah sure." I said, I tried to smile friendly for them but I don't know how convincing it looked. The leader came between Skip and Jai, my two favourites. (Well that's because Jai is my boyfriend and Skip is my second closest friend) She curled her dumb hands around their waists and stuck out her chest. "1, 2, 3." I said before snapping a picture.  "That was shit." Said another girl.  "Yeah, I know I looked feral, could we take another?" spoke the leader.  "Can you put your hands here Jai?" She said moving his hand on her ass. Jai looked at me, seriously though, she's a kid! what the f**k? I gritted my teeth as I glared at her, I stuck out her camera.  "What are you doing?" She asked me.  "Have to go to ladies room." I lied.  "Well okay." She said disappointedly before I started to walk to Trina.  
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