Love what you can't have

-Moving to Miami didn't seem... right. Something was going to happen, I could sense it. I knew it. But I didn't ever think it would change my life like it did...

Violet, your not so typical teenage girl who's father is by the way a billionaire, had to move to Miami from London. Never in a million years did she think that she would meet five boys that would change her life the way they did..


18. Wow


It was when I brought the boys into the house that things began to get heated. Alex, Dad and Nicky were there in the kitchen waiting for me.

"Where have you been?", my dad asked. Actually bellowed. "And who are they", he added, pointing at the boys, who were now standing awkwardly behind me.

"Dad, I've got lots of explaining to do. So can we take this up stairs?", I asked. "Please", he nodded." Guys this is Nicky and Alex", I told the boys. "And you guys this is Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall", I said running up the stairs after my dad.

"Go on then explain", my dad said glaring at me.

"Well last night I went to prom with Luke, and he well got drunk and we went for a walk", my dad was nodding. "The day before prom Alex kissed me and then I told Luke that and he got angry and hit me. I ran away from him, and when I stopped I didn't know where I was. Then the boys downstairs, one direction, kind of took me back here and they slept in there tour bus out front", I said gasping for breath.

"Luke hurt you", dad said. I nodded."And Alex kissed you", I nodded again. My dad charged down the stairs. I ran after him.

"You", he said pointing at Alex. "Never again", then he turned on the boys. "And you lot", he said. "Thank you so much, your welcome to stay as long as you need", he said shaking all of their hands.

"Oh and dad me and Harry are together", I said.

"This relationship is fine with me", my dad said, walking away and taking Nicky with him.

"Violet, your going out with Luke aren't you", Alex said.

"Not after what he did to me yesterday, and that was all because of you", I said.

"Well sorry",he sneered leaving the room.

"My dad is alright with us being together!", I screamed jumping into Harry's open arms.

"That's brilliant babe, but who's Luke?", Harry asked me.

"Well.......... it was prom last night, Luke took me for a walk I told him something, he got angry and smacked me then I ran away and you found me", I muttered as quickly as I could.

"You could be a rapper going that fast", Louis said. I pulled out my phone. Twenty texts, ten missed calls and five voice mails.

Hey Luke cos' of last night we're over..... I texted him and then I deleted him from my contacts. No more Luke.

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