Love what you can't have

-Moving to Miami didn't seem... right. Something was going to happen, I could sense it. I knew it. But I didn't ever think it would change my life like it did...

Violet, your not so typical teenage girl who's father is by the way a billionaire, had to move to Miami from London. Never in a million years did she think that she would meet five boys that would change her life the way they did..


20. Why Not Me?


Zayn's P.O.V

She knows that I want her as much as Harry does. Actually now that Harry and her are a thing, a couple, together I want her more than ever. I don't think she'd ever tell Harry o anyone else cos she's not that type of girl. She's sweet and innocent, but cheeky and flrity at the same time.

I know she got my message and I know that she heard me. I know that Harry didn't come back last night, and I went to the bathroom really early this morning, as she gave us all a key to share, and had a peek in her bedroom. I know I shouldn't have. But what I saw made me jealous. Very jealous. There she was, her top half sprawled all over Harry. She looked beautiful when she was sleeping. Her hair was sticking out in all directions and sleeping next to her would have been a dream. I could see her breathing in a unnatural pattern and breathes sounded like a lullaby.

I almost wanted to go in there pick her up and runaway with her. I love her that much. I couldn't bare to see her with Harry. He may be my band mate, but that doesn't he's my friend. He's always been the one I don't get along with well, and when we're at signings and concerts, or shooting a video we have to pretend to be best mates. It makes me sick.

Niall's P.O.V

When I woke up Zayn wasn't there and neither was the key. He had obviously gone inside. I wasn't surprised really. He probably went to see Violet, we all knew except for Harry that he secretly loves her. He told us all last night when Harry weren't there. If Harry was there he would of blown up, or beaten the hell out of Zayn. Those two definitely weren't the best of friends.Harry loves that girl nd no-one can deny it. He would do anything for her. But I think anyone would really, she's so beautiful and innocent. I would love her to be mine but I couldn't take her away from Harry.

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up early. I swear I could feel someones eyes watching me closely. I didn't want to turn because of that feeling you get when you know that whatever you want to do that you shouldn't do it. Okay so that didn't make much sense in anyone's head but I'm sure most people know what I mean. Violet was a deep sleeper and she was exhausted last night so I let her sleep. I kept thinking I heard her talking in her sleep, and I think she even clapped. 

She was even more beautiful in her sleep. In every way she was beautiful. Her personality was beautiful. She was beautiful. Even when she was breathing in her sleep, it came it breathes of a lullaby of a sort. That's what got me to sleep so quickly, because her breathing sounded like a lullaby. In the morning she was a bundle of energy that was sat on top of me and kept poking my cheeks and screaming wake up at ten in the morning. I was never one of getting up early in the morning but I have the biggest slightest feeling that this early bird girl will change me.

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