Love what you can't have

-Moving to Miami didn't seem... right. Something was going to happen, I could sense it. I knew it. But I didn't ever think it would change my life like it did...

Violet, your not so typical teenage girl who's father is by the way a billionaire, had to move to Miami from London. Never in a million years did she think that she would meet five boys that would change her life the way they did..


22. The Mall and Beach

We walked to the mall. I hadn't got a swimsuit so I had to buy one whilst I was there. We walked round the mall for a while. Luckily there was no fans crowding us or any paps taking pictures for the magazines. The boys all had to get swimming trunks, so I let them go to their shops first, and that was one shop. The only shop the boys liked was superdry. I weren't really surprised. A lot of their clothes were from there. They had stuff from Jack Wills and other places like that but they were mainly clothes from Britain.Once the boys were done I went to couple of shops.

I brought a cute stripy beach bag, along with some brown sandals. Choosing a bikini or a swimming costume was hard. Very hard. I didn't want to be too showy with the boys, I wouldn't mind if it was just me and Harry but all the boys. Not sure. After visiting a few shops all the boys, including Harry, started moaning that I was taking to long. I decided on a swimsuit with a lion on. I told the boys I needed the toilet so I could go get changed. I took everything off then put on my swimsuit and my shorts over the top. I folded all of my clothes and put them in the bag. I put the towel over everything. I took of my converse and replaced them with the sandals. Once I was ready I went out. The boys were all standing there in there shirts and swimming trunks.

"Nice", said Harry. Louis wolf whistled, which made ma blush. I blush very easily and at almost anything.

"To the beach!", Niall shouted and we all began running to the beach. I kept tripping up in my sandals but I had to keep up with the boys. When we arrived, the beach was full. I ran and found a space to lay down the towel. I took of my shorts putting them in the bag and my sandals. I laid down, hoping the boys wouldn't disturb me getting a tan. But no. Harry came and dragged me into the sea. It was cold and refreshing. But I kept trying to get out so I could tan. Whenever I did try to get out Harry would drag me back in and dunk me under.

"Harry", I gasped as I was dunked under for about the millionth time. "Harry, I want to tan", I shouted.

"But I don't won't you to. You're perfect the way you are", he said grabbing my waist and pulling me on top of him. He pulled me under the water and kissed me. He smashed his lips on to mine and began a passionate kiss. I smiled as he kissed me. I had always wanted to kiss someone underwater. We both went up to the surface breathing hard not just from the kiss, but from being under water. I could see that Zayn was staring at us, jealousy showing clearly in his eyes.

Niall was almost directly behind us so I turned around and splashed him.

"Oh no you didn't", he shouted in that bitchy voice you say it with. I laughed and swallowed a whole load of salt water as he grabbed me in a headlock and dunked me under. Harry jumped on Niall pulling him under and making him let me go. As soon as I came up Louis was there splashing me. I jumped on his back and pulled him under. I could see Liam and Zayn splashing Harry and Niall. Me and Louis looked at each other and nodded. Oh was this going to be fun. 

We got out the water and ran over to a little cart. We asked the man for two water guns and I gave him a few dollars for them. Me and Louis filled them up and ran back into the water. Louis squirted at Zayn and Liam, and I squirted Niall and Harry. They all ducked under trying to get away from us. Me and Louis high-fived and shouted that we were the winning team. As we did I was pulled down by the legs and so was Louis. We weren't the winning team anymore.

We all got out and dried off as the sun started going down. I checked my phone. Thirty missed calls and forty unread texts from a random number. Luke's number. Why couldn't he just leave me alone? I put my shorts on and my converse on this time. If the boys were planning on running... well I would be ready. I pulled my wet and knotty hair into a messy bun and packed everything into the bag, which I then slung over my shoulder. It was around eight pm and everyone else was leaving the beach. We started walking back to my house, laughing all the way. What a good day out it had been..


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