Love what you can't have

-Moving to Miami didn't seem... right. Something was going to happen, I could sense it. I knew it. But I didn't ever think it would change my life like it did...

Violet, your not so typical teenage girl who's father is by the way a billionaire, had to move to Miami from London. Never in a million years did she think that she would meet five boys that would change her life the way they did..


6. New House


Dad unlocked the door and we stepped inside at the same time. The house smelt fresh, like when someones sprayed a load of free breeze  The floor was shiny polished wooden floor and if you had fluffy socks on you could skid like a ninga really well. To my right and left there were to doors leading to what I presumed were the garages. There was a hallway that ran straight down to french doors that led to a garden and then our own little dock with a huge yott. Our own yott!

"Dad you bought a yott!

"Yes, yes I did", he aid.

"Do you know how to drive it!", I said jumping p and down.

"No but I'll get some lessons and I think you need a licence, not sure really though."

My shoulders slumped it would be my first time on a yott. I've been on cruise ships and speed boats but never a yott. I can't wait until dad gets his lessons.

A women with noticeable bleach blonde hair walked through the french doors. It was either she was a gardener or that was my dads girlfriend.

"Rob!", the women said. She ran over to him and hugged him. My suspicions were confirmed. This was my dads girlfriend.

"And this must be Violet", she spread her arms wide open and embraced me. She squeezed me so tight I couldn't even breath. I sighed when she released me. A boy came down the spiralled stairs and looked at me. I raised an eye brow at him. Who does he think he's staring at?!

"Violet this is Nicky", he beckoned the boy over. "And this is Alex", he pointed at the women and then the boy. The boy waved and then skulked off. We walked through the hallway to to white double doors and inside was think cream carpet and a huge 3D TV, a huge black leather sofa and armchair. A bllack coffee table with a glass top was placed in front of the sofa and a black fireplace was on the other side of the room.

I sat on the sofa and 'Nicky' sat next to me, and Dad sat next to her. I grabbed the remote to the TV and turned it on. I put MTV on and pulled my phone out of my pocket. I began texting Lisa.

I'm in Miami, its absoultuley amazing XOXO

WAT Your in MIAMI!!! U Bitch XOXOX

Hahaha LOL In ur FACE! XOXO

Our conversation went on like this for ages. Dad kept going errhhmmmm.

"Violet put your phone down now! We are trying to speak to you!"

"Sorry Dad!" I put my phone down and looked at them both.

"Nicky thought we should show your bedroom" He said it really slowly just to make sure I understand.

"Yeah sure!" We all went up the spiral stairs. There was a hallway leading to the two huge wooden doors with a balcony facing the front. There was another set of stairs and I was about to go up but Dad stopped me.

"No we'll go up there later"

A white door was next to the staircase and Nicky said that it was her and dads room. On a room next to Dads room was Alex's room. My room was across from Dads room and then next to mine was an office for dad and a bathroom.

When I stepped inside my room it had a soft thick lilac carpet and white blinds with see-through urple curtains, and that was it.

"Dad where is everything"

"Well, tonight you can sleep in Alex's room or on the sofa and then tomorrow Alex will take you to some shops to by you some bedroom stuff and some clothes as your father here hasn't really packed anything for you!" We both look at dad and he blushes and holds up his hands.

"And I thought you were reliable, Dad! And I choose the sofa!"

I walked down stairs and went back to my texting.

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