Love what you can't have

-Moving to Miami didn't seem... right. Something was going to happen, I could sense it. I knew it. But I didn't ever think it would change my life like it did...

Violet, your not so typical teenage girl who's father is by the way a billionaire, had to move to Miami from London. Never in a million years did she think that she would meet five boys that would change her life the way they did..


11. Horror Movie Horror


I slept on the sofa again that night in anticapation. My bedroom was going to be fully decorated tomorrow. A bed, a wardrobe, drawers, paint, wallpaper and nearly everything else you can have in a bedroom. I think I should just start from after tea.

*7:30 PM*

I ran upstairs grabbing a new pair of pj's and took them into the bathroom. I started running a bath.

"Alexxxxxxxxxxxxxx!" I shouted.
"Yeah", he said his head peeping out of his door.

"Will you help me with my room tomorrow", I asked, walking over to my room.

"Yeah, sure"

"Thanks" Once I was in my room I picked up the 10 yankee candles I brought whilst we were shopping.

"Alex have you got a lighter!"

"Yeah why?", he said coming out of his bedroom and holding a red converse lighter. I ran to grab it but he lifted it out of my reach before I got reach it.

"Can you light my candles then?" I moaned pouting.

"Sure little baby", he said cheeckily.

"Don't call me that", I said punching his shoulder. I laid the candles out evenly across the bathroom. Alex lit them all for me and just stood there while I poured in bubble bath.

"Hurhmmmmmmmm, Alex............."


"The doors there"

"Nah, shouldn't leave you alone with fire. I've heard that you're a  bit clumsy", I pushed him out of the door.

"Aha aha aha", I laughed before slamming the door in his face. I got undress and stepped into the bath. I don't know how long I stayed in there, just sucking in all the mixed scents. I finally got out about another hour later and pulled on my pj's. I ran to my bedroom. I must of brought the wrong size as they almost fell down. I ran into my bedroom and took it off. I pulled on small shorts and a bra, as well as a cream off shoulder, oversized t-shirt.I went an knocked on Alex's door.

"I'm not tired yet. Can you come down stairs and watch a movie with me?", I moaned pouting once again.

"Sure. What movie?"

"You choose!", I said. "Meet you downstairs!" I ran downstairs and made some popcorn and put into a bright orange bowl. I heard Alex thud down the stairs and put on the movie.

"Horror movie, nice one Alex", I said sarcastically.

"I know right", he grinned. He had brought down a blanket which he lifted up for me. I sat down and put the popcorn between us. The amounts of times I flinched during the film was incredible.

"Scared little baby", Alex said looking me in the eyes.

"No", I whispered. With that Alex leaned in and kissed me smack bang on the lips. It lasted about ten seconds before I pushed him off me.

"Go, get out!", I whispered standing up and pointing to the door.

"Violet, I'm sorry. I couldn't help it, it's j.......", he tried to say.

"I'm your step-sister and my boyfriend is your bestfriend. How could you? Go. NOW!", I said still pointing at the door. He stood up, leaving his blanket behind. He bent down when he was standing next to me, and whispered that he was sorry in my ear. I flinched. He walked out, hands in pockets like nothing had even happened.

"Dick", I whispered before turning everything off and going to bed.


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