Love what you can't have

-Moving to Miami didn't seem... right. Something was going to happen, I could sense it. I knew it. But I didn't ever think it would change my life like it did...

Violet, your not so typical teenage girl who's father is by the way a billionaire, had to move to Miami from London. Never in a million years did she think that she would meet five boys that would change her life the way they did..


19. Alone with Harry

~Saturday Night~

"What do you wanna do?", Harry asked me. We were sat on the sofa. Actually we were both laying down on the sofa. My head was resting on his chest as he had his arms wrapped gently but tightly around me as if he would never let me go.

"Well we could put a movie on", I said shrugging and looking up at him. He nodded standing up and stretching and moaning. He went over to the cabinet and began loudly searching through the films. He finally chose a film.

"Toy Story", he said. "What'd you think?"

"Definitely", I nodded. I think half way through the film I rolled over so I was fully on him and rested my head just below his shoulder. It was nice to sleep with my boyfriend for once and not have sex. Just to clear my name I never wanted to lose my virginity! I dreamt that Luke had hurt me worse than that night and when I was sitting there all alone all night and that Harry hadn't came and rescued me. I woke up to feel myself being lifted into a bridesmaids lift and being carried up into my bed. Harry laid me on my bed and started shaking my shoulders.
"Gosh Harry I'm awake", I moaned.

"Hey sorry I just wondered if you want to get changed into your pj's", he said scratching his back awkwardly. I laid there for a moment, I couldn't be bothered to move but could I trust Harry.

"Can you get me changed", I moaned. I was absolutely sure I could trust Harry.

"Sure", he said going over to my drawer and opening it up. He pulled me out a pair of long silky bottoms and a white vest. He undressed me and put my pj's on me. 

"Goodnight Babe", he whispered kissing my forehead. I heard him walk over to the door.

"Wait Harry stay please", I said. I heard him come back over and saw him strip so he was in his pants. He got under the duvet with me. I laid my hand and  my head on his chest and quickly fell into a a deep sleep as he stroked my eyebrows.


I woke up to find myself snuggled up against Harry. His hand was still on my eyebrow. I was knackered last night but now I was a bundle of energy. I jumped on top of Harry and started poking his cheeks.

"Wake up, wake up, wake up", I said over and over again. He started moaning.

"Urghhhh V I'm awake now okay I'm awake", he said sitting up. I got up bouncing up and down."Your a bundle of energy today", he said yawning and standing up. 

"I'm going to take a shower", I said still bouncing up and down. i went and took a shower washing my hair and then wrapping a towel round me and running into my bedroom. I told Harry to take a shower as he stunk and I quickly got changed. I had a feeling today was going to be fun!


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