my life with harry styles

(sorry guys im only gonna post one chapter today im a beginer)

its mostly a love story


1. the paper

GET UP! GET UP! what huh i said hailey said well are you gonna get up ornot i said what for she said dont you know that there is a signing for one direction at the mall today and if you dont get up now you are gonna miss harry OMG I TOTALY FORGOT!! i hoped in the shower curled my hair did my make up and put on my blue denmin skinnys and my baby blue strapless top and some baby blue vans and we were off to the mall when we got there ,there was a ton of girls already lined up but it was worth the wait when we werenext i got to mostly hug all the boys it was amazing then i came to harry the last one i was so excited and i was shaking he was my favorite when i got to him he told me i looked beautiful and i blushed and said thanks and i hugged him when suddenly i noticed he had put a picece of paper in my back pocket i wont what it was then when we were done and went home i pulled the paper out of my back pocket it said call or text me and then the  number so i did ansd i txted ( to hazza ) i found your number in my back pocket and so i txted you my name is sarah you know from the mall . i pushed sent and the 3 mins later my phone beeped it was from hazza oh yeah hiiii um i was wondering if you would like to meetup at the mall againg because i really think your beautiful , when i read the txt i blushed and said i would love to aand i also thanked him .. it was the best day ever

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