my life with harry styles

(sorry guys im only gonna post one chapter today im a beginer)

its mostly a love story


2. the date

I had no clue how to respond to another text did the HARRY STYLES just call me beautiful?! Then my phone rang thats when i was out of my train of thought , i picked up my phone and it was harry (MY POV) OMG should i answer it .... SARAH i thought to myself of course i should answer it so i did (HARRY'S POV) i was waiting for an answer when i hered the ringing stop and thought in my head SHE ANSWERED!! So i said hello she said hi harry in a very excited tone i said well i was thinking .... well im just gonna spit it out already i think i texted this im not sure but.... Would You Like To Go To Dinner with me?



(A/N) sorry for that really short chapter i have writers block im going to update really soon and i hope you like my story ....... NO HATE PLEASE i PROMISE it will get better later on in the story ok welll byeee goodnight and goodmorning :D )

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