Do You remember?

Do you remember? (x3)
All the fun times we had
Do you remember? (x3)
All the fun times we had
Let's bring it back, oh (x4)
So long since you been missing
It's good to see you again
How are you, How you doin', and how about we?
Don't let this happen again.
*Harry Styles love story*


2. Who are you?

Allie's P.O.V~ I sat in the waiting room waiting for news on Jessica. I started to fidget a little. No matter how hard i tried, i was never one to be patient. "Allie, stop fidgeting, people are staring." Aidan, Jessica's ex and our best guy friend said. "Sorry, i'm just a bit nervous and impatient." "I'm sure Jessica will be okay." He said and placed a resurring hand on my knee. I pushed his hand away, "What if she's not okay?"  He didn't responsed to that and we sat there in slience waiting. About an hour later, the doctor came out and walked over to us. "I'm afraid i have good news and bad news" the doctor told us. "Which one do you wanna hear first?"  Aidan and i exchanged a look with each other and knew that we wanted to hear the good news first.  "The good news." We both said at the same time. "Well the good news is that Jessica should he okay and that she's still under be effects of the anethesia but she should wake up soon."  "What's the bad news?" I asked.  "The bad news is that she suffered some brain damage which could result in memory loss."  "oh... well can we see her?" Aidan asked.  He nodded, "Yeah sure, just follow me."  We followed the doctor into Jessica's room. We both walked into the room to see that Jessica hadn't woken up. We said thanks to the doctor and sat in the room waiting for Jessica. ~A few mins later~ I looked and saw that Jessica was battling to open her eyelids. Her eyelids kept on flutterling open and close. Eventually she won the battle and her eyelids fluttered open.  "JESSICA!" we both yelled at the same time. Jessica rubbed her head in confusion. "Who are you guys? and whose's Jessica?" 

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