Do You remember?

Do you remember? (x3)
All the fun times we had
Do you remember? (x3)
All the fun times we had
Let's bring it back, oh (x4)
So long since you been missing
It's good to see you again
How are you, How you doin', and how about we?
Don't let this happen again.
*Harry Styles love story*


1. Prologue<3

She was walking down the road with her bestest friend in the whole entire world, Allie. It was laye at night, they knew they shouldn't be out late at night alone with adult supervision but they didn't realize it was that late.  "Come on Jessica, hurry up. I wanna get back to your house as soon as possible."  "I'm coming, no need to get your knickers in a twist."  Allie laughed. "you sounding more and more British each day." Jessica glared at Allie, "Shush. I am not." Then some guy came running at full speed down the street and ran into Jessica pushing her onto the road. Jessica tried getting up but she couldn't. "Allie, i think i sprained my ankle when i fell." Allie ran over to Jessica but before she could reach her, a car came driving down the road at full speed hitting Jessica in the process.  "JESSICA!!!" Allie yelled out.  Jessica blacked out. 

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