So this is my FIRST book, yeah, it won't be perfect but I'll try.
It's about a girl who feels lonely when it comes to family,so she puts family before friends, when disaster strucks, she loses someone close to her & her home is destroyed due to a mistake. She hopes to re-build her life, being part of her family.


2. Dead.

I stare at the number 38 on her wood door. My pulse is racing and my fist reaches for the glass, gently knocking. From outside no noise could be heard, and no being was visible. Mum answered the door. 

'Why are you here?' she asked in a calm,soothing voice.

'Na..na..nana. She...r..rung. I wanted.. to see..um if everything was okay'

'Come in, babe.'

I looked down at my feet and realised I wasn't wearing shoes, I must have been in such a rush I forgot. Her damp,wood floorboards creaked as I shuffled into her living area where only 2 people sat- Abby and Jack(Dad). 

'Mia' Dad said pulling me onto his lap 'Your Nan is in the bedroom' I pulled away desperate to see her. 'and your grandpa passed away last night' The room was silent, an eery setting. One glittery tear droped from Abby's eyelash, which fluttered. 

I cried softly, even though me and Grandpa were never really close. I look at my Dad and he nods so I sprint up the stairs, turn left to Nana's bedroom. I don't burst in on her, I just stare through the crack where the door was open. Nana is kneeling on the carpet, praying. She never believed in religion, but if it came to family, she would become christian. 

She looked terrible, no make-up, black lines below her hazel-brown eyes. And Grandpa was grey, he looked worse than Nana. She had interlocked her fingers between Fred's. 

She was speaking to him and then a tear dropped. The floor where I was standing creaked. She looked up, but I quickly dodged out the way before she called out.

I felt terrible.

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