Loving You Harry Styles

This story is about a teenage girl living her dream with her best friend she had a thing for a guy Called Harry Styles and since the day she met him her life has never been the same..... read this story to find out how beth and harry get on .....


14. The Tickets

I looked closer, wrinkling my eyes to read the inscriptions. They were obviously train tickets. I searched for the destination. London. London? Oh. my. god. I jumped in his arms again. 'OMG. Thank you! Thank you!' I yelled leaving his arms and jumping around in my room. 'OMG. You're welcome.' He laughed at my americanness. I just gave him the 'yeah yeah shut up' kind of look which made him laugh even more. 'Well, I already told your parents. We'll be off tomorrow morning very early. So pack up and come sleep over at my place tonight. Ok?' 'Seems like a plan' I winked at him, as I was quickly getting my stuff together and packing as little clothes as possible. Yes, I knew I was going to go shopping with Harry and I needed space in my luggage for that. After that I packed everything I needed, nagging Harry for the organization, we walked to his house. It was only a few blocks away. I realized on the way that it was the first time I was meeting his family which got me freaked out. 'Harry, what song were you singing this morning to me?' It was a beautiful song. I had to know the name. 'A song written by Harry Styles' He smiled at me. Wow. I couldn't believe he had actually wrote that song. It was so perfect. 'Hm. Don't know him. Maybe introduce him to me someday? Seems like my kind of guy' I grinned sarcastically. He stopped walking and I did the same. He took me by the waist giving me chills. 'Well, do you know Beth? She's isn't just my kind of girl. She's MY girl.' I starred in his beautiful green eyes. The sun reflected on them, shinning bright. I loved the way he told me sweet things looking straight in my eyes. 'Wow. She seems amazing' I giggled. 'She is' He got closer to me as leaning in. I did the same. Soon enough, our lips were pressing against each other, leaving me a wonderful feeling. This feeling that made you forget everything around you. It's the best feeling in the world. We separated, so close to his house. He pushed the front door, whiles saying a general hello. A young girl and a middle-aged woman starred at me, smiling. I smiled back. 'Hi I'm Beth' I awkwardly said. I wasn't the shy kind of girl, but meeting his family made me. 'I know, Harry talks a lot about you. I'm Anne. Harry's mother.' 'And I'm Gemma, his sister.' I smiled at them letting a little 'ok' out. How could I be this shy? I was actually ashamed of myself being like this. Harry obviously saw how uncomfortable I was so he took my hand. I smiled at him. 'So, you guys are off to london tomorrow, hey?' Gemma asked, making the discussion easier. I nodded. Just say something Beth. Jesus. 'Erm... yeah your brother is great' What the hell? Why did I just say that? Oh god. This was so awkward. I don't even know why it was awkward, I was just making it. Ok. Get your shit together now, Beth. 'I mean, he is a great boyfriend.' I said more openly. 'Yeah, maybe. Ain't a great brother though.' We laughed together. 'WHA?! I'm an awesome brother' They fake fought a bit as I was just laughing at them. After a while of talking to Gemma and Anne. He brought me upstairs, in his room. 'I have another surprise for you, love' He said before opening his door.

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