Loving You Harry Styles

This story is about a teenage girl living her dream with her best friend she had a thing for a guy Called Harry Styles and since the day she met him her life has never been the same..... read this story to find out how beth and harry get on .....


23. The Telephone (2/2)

When I got another message, I hoped it was Harry, changing his mind, I really hoped. But it wasn't. -Hey love, I'm coming in 10 minutes!!! I'm looking forward omg! xxxx Shelby- Shit. I had forgotten about her coming round here. I quickly whipped my tears away and ran back to my house where I got dressed and put make up on to hide the big bags I had under my eyes. When she got here, I gave her a big hug, and smiled, pretending nothing was wrong. She still thought I was with Harry but I just didn't have the strength to tell her the truth. We went shopping that day, because she had to go to a Jack Wills, sing as we didn't have that amazing shop in L.A. We had loads of fun there, which got my mind a bit off of Harry. But just a bit. When we got back home, we sat down to watch TV because our favorite show was on. We started watching until Shelby realised something. 'OMG Harry is doing his audition in 5 minutes change it change it!' She yelled in excitement. I did as told. I wanted to see how he got threw this audition. Was he going to be stressed out? Even though he didn't care about me anymore I did. So much. He got interviewed at the beggining, wich was a really good sign. He said Cheshire was boring wich hurt me so much. Was I boring to him? I didn't understand. It was so weird seeing him and his mum on TV though. All I wanted to do is kiss his lips one last time. Oh, how I allready missed him. 'I got such a thrill, singing in front of people that I wanted it more and more.' He pronounced those words, reminding me of when he sang in front of me in the streets of london. It was amazing. Everybody cheered once he got on stage. I just wanted him to say something about me. Please say something about me. But of course he wasn't going to do that. I mean he owes nothing to me. He actually seemed pretty fine without me. Once he started singing, the tears slowly started coming down again. He sung 'Isn't she lovely' even better than before. I can't believe he still sung that song though. After everything that happened between us, he promised me. And he kept his promise wich brought a smile to my face. In the end, he got two yes's which meant he was off to BootCamp. He looked so happy without me. I couldn't even hold the tears back anymore. I just let them go. 'Aw babe. I'm happy he's threw too' Shelby gave me a warm smile, seeing the tears I was shedding. 'No... Shelby... Harry dumped me.' I mumbled. She looked up at me in shock. 'What?!' I just let the tears roll down my cheeks once again and she gave me a big hug, rubbing my back. I explained the whole story from Perrie to Cody and she listened carefully. We then decided to go to bed. For the next 3 days, we did lots of cool things together. I knew Shelby was trying to get Harry off of my mind but it was impossible. Everything i did in this cursed town, would make me think of him. One night, I received a unknow number call. I was still with Shelby, so I answered for the fun of it. 'Hello?' I could hear my voice tremble a little. Nobody answered. And that's when I discovered it was him. It was Harry. I just knew it was him. 'Harry... If that's you... I just want to say I'm sorry. I love you so much.' I said trying to get a word out of him but the silence stayed. Shelby was looking at me, frowning her eyebrows out of confusion. I tried to make her understand it was Harry. When suddenly, I heard a voice on the other side of the telephone. It wasn't his. It was, wierdly enough, a girl's voice. 'Baaaaaaaaaaabbbe' She said loudly. It was in the background. My chin trembled a little hearing that. 'Listen, I know you're getting loads of attention, sing as you're kind of famous right now. And I know you're getting the girls too. But I just wanted to say that our love was special. To me at least. I love you.' I said trying to hold back my tears but I couldn't. I hung up, not even getting an answer out of him. I ran into Shelby's arms as I sobbed again.

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