Loving You Harry Styles

This story is about a teenage girl living her dream with her best friend she had a thing for a guy Called Harry Styles and since the day she met him her life has never been the same..... read this story to find out how beth and harry get on .....


3. The Kiss

Why the fuck was he calling me those names? Ugh, he's just playing a game. But he had me under his spell. It was too late. His adorable english accent melted my heart. I walked to class with Eleanor. We sat down and just then this girl came in. I had never seen her before. She had beautiful long blond hair and blue eyes. She was wering loads of make up and a mini skirt. She looked like plastic. Her eyes met mine.Shit. I quickly looked away. 'Why are you looking at me like that, freak?' 'Em...Sorry' My eyes met the ground. 'Yeah you better be' Her friends giggled. I sighed and opened my english book. Fuck her. I just sat there for the rest of the lesson. 'Perrie, you coming?' I herd that bitches friend shout across the room. Perrie was the name. What a whore. How could she be so full of herself? She mussed have been swimming in her make-up. At lunch time, I called Harry as promised and he told me to meet him behind the school. So I waited there not believing he wasn't on time. Sudenely, something poked me. I turned around in a shot, Harry. We smiled at each other and started to walk to town. 'Ok. So I decided to take you to my favorite restaurant in the world.' he chuckled. 'And which restaurant is that?' 'You'll see' We got to the center as I saw the place we were heading to. 'Mcdonalds, seriously?' I giggled. 'Ey, I wanted to take a special girl to a special place.' I laughed loudly. We ordered two big macs and sat on a table next to the window with our food. 'So tell me about yourself' he said. 'I just moved here from Los Angeles. My name is Beth Foster and I'm 16.' He laughed. 'Yeah. More private things, maybe, love? Do you have any brothers or sisters?' 'Well I used too..' I stared the ground, biting my lip. 'What do you mean?' 'My brother he... Nevermind' 'You started Beth'... You gotta finish' He looked worried. 'About a year ago, my brother was diagnosed with blood cancer...' I couldn't help but let a tear roll down my cheek. 'He died.' Harry whipped my tears with his hand and looked me straight in the eye. 'I'm sorry Beth. I really am.' 'it's fine' I whispered. 'No. It isn't babe.' I tried not to cry. I really did. But it was too hard. I missed Jay so much. Harry stood up and walked over to me to give me a warm hug. I bursted out crying on his shoulder. He rubbed my back softly and soon enough I calmed down. We were now starring at each other. It wasn't awkward, it was a normal silence. I felt comfortable around him. 'Thank you Harry' I said breaking the silence. He smiled warmly. 'Come with me' He took my hand and dragged me to a play ground in the middle of a field. 'We're not aloud. Let's go back' I cried. 'Oh just come along will you?' I giggled. He took a swing and I sat on the one beside him. He stroked my cheek and played with my hair. I felt him lean over, I could smell his mint breath, I did the same. When we we're just a couple of inches away, our lips touched but only slightly. He put his hands on my waist and I put mine on his shoulders. We deepened the kiss. OH. MY. GOD.

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