Loving You Harry Styles

This story is about a teenage girl living her dream with her best friend she had a thing for a guy Called Harry Styles and since the day she met him her life has never been the same..... read this story to find out how beth and harry get on .....


13. My Forgivness

We went shopping in the same mall as I did with Harry. Everything made me thing of him, the Jack Wills cabin was the worst. He just wouldn't get out of my head. His look when he saw me stayed on my mind. I will never forget how hurt he looked. Maybe it wasn't his fault. But then, maybe it was. I have never been this confused. I wanted to be with him once again. I didn't know if I could forgive him though. Eleanor and I went back to my place that night. She tried to get him off my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about him. She was talking to me about germany when her phone rang. She gave a weird look to her phone and answered, leaving the room. I wanted to hear so badly but she was whispering. She finally hung up after about five minutes and entered the room again. 'Who was it?' I asked. I could just see a little grin fading away from her lips. 'Erm...' She hesitated looking at her phone again. 'It was my mum' She gave me an awkward smile and sat on my bed. I knew she was lying. I could tell each time. I just decided to forget it. Maybe it was family problems or something like that. We talked about random things after, avoiding to talk about Harry. But he was still on my mind. Nothing would get him off of it. We fell asleep pretty quickly that night. I was so tired even though I had slept a lot the last few days. I woke up to the sound of a guitar. It was playing a mellow melody. I didn't even have the strength to open my eyes. I just listened to the song. A very familiar voice filled the room delightfully. Was this a dream? I opened my eyes to see Harry looking straight at me, playing his guitar whiles singing beautiful lyrics. I listened carefully. 'I'm sorry Why don't you see? I'm broken Cause you are everything to me. And here I am asking for your forgiveness. I know you think this takes boldness. But I would do anything for you To love me as I do too' I looked at him, smiling. He had now stopped singing. His starry eyes were filled with hope. I didn't even know what to say. This was the most wonderful thing he had ever did for me. 'I forgive you, Harry' I whispered as he smiled at me. I leaped in his arms, letting a tear roll down my cheek. I was so overwhelmed. We stayed like that for a while before separating. He looked down at me and gave me a quirky smile, the one he knew gave me the feeling as if he knew something that I didn't. He caressed my cheek, lifting up my chin; our noses were almost touching. I could feel the warmth of his breath brushing on top of my lip. The anticipation was building up as our lips were coming closer together. They brushed together as we were kissing softly. I could feel his heart beat which made this moment even better. I didn't ever want this to end but it did. We separated. 'Good because I have a surprise for you..' He whispered in my ear. The curiosity filled my mind as he got out two tickets from his bag...

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