Loving You Harry Styles

This story is about a teenage girl living her dream with her best friend she had a thing for a guy Called Harry Styles and since the day she met him her life has never been the same..... read this story to find out how beth and harry get on .....


2. I Think I Like Him

"Can I help you? you're sort of staring, it's quite rude over here." I shook my head still a little bit shocked. 'Yeah, you're very attractive I gotta say' I thought to myself. He gave me a huge smile as if he could read my thoughts. I blushed. "I mean I know I'm attractive but-" I giggled softly at what he'd said.   "Yeah, sure. I better get to my next class now." I spoke quickly, before walking away. I opened the door and heard a voice behind me say: "I didn't even get your name, sweet American girl" I heard him chuckling and i could feel his eyes staring at the back of my head. "My name is Beth, cheesy English guy."

I turned around to see his lovely face. 'Uh?! My name is Harry. And I'm everything but weird.' He was way into himself which angered me. 'Whatever' I mumbled seeing that he was a total flirt and wasn't really into me. 'American girls are real players' He ran to walk besides me. 'Yeah sure. And you're saying that?' I mocked him. 'Birds of feather flock together, ey' I laughed loudly. I couldn't believe how cheesy that just was. He was pretty funny I have to say. 'Where's your next class anyways, babe?' he asked. 'English, I think.' 'Me too. Wanna sit together?' 'I guess so' I smiled. He smiled back. We found a table and sat down. I felt everybody stare so I just looked at the floor awkwardly. One the side of my eye, I cought Harry writing something. I didn't want to seem nosy so I jut pretended not to see. He slipped a little piece of paper in my english book as the bell rang. 'Read it later' He said giving me a wink and disappeared. The rest of the day was pretty normal. I met a girl called Eleanor and we ate lunch together as she told me the rumors I had already heard about Harry. He was a player and went out with every girl in school. I was walking back home when the paper came back to my mind. I opened my book and found a note saying: -This is my number: *a number* call me. I know you want to. xx H- I laughed at how chaby that was. he already had me under his spell. I had to try to resist him. I wanted to break his tradition of going out with every new girl. I wanted to make myself desired. I waited a while not to seem desperate and then dialed the number. It rung once.. twice... A familiar voice came on. 'Hello beautiful' I smiled. I can't believe the most popular guy in school was flirting with me already. No, he's just playing along. I thought. 'Hey curly locks' 'Ush' I giggled. 'So why did I have to call already? There was a silence for a while but he broke it. 'Dunno, just wanted to talk to the new stunning girl in my class' My cheeks were burning at this point. He was so sweet. No. He's a flirt. JUST A FLIRT. 'You're gonna have to do better than that' I heard him laugh loudly. 'Well nice talking to you' I said. 'Wait!' I hung up. He called me back several times but I didn't answer. My eyes were finally closing when my phone vibrated for a text message. Was it Shelby? No, Harry. -I'll get you gorgeous.- I couldn't help but giggle. No, Beth you can't start liking him already. He's going to break your heart. The next morning, when I arrived at school, Eleanor greeted me and I told her everything about Harry and I. 'You know he is just a-' She started saying before being interrupted. 'Hey Love' I heard someone behind me say. I turned around and there stud that adorable Harry. He gave me a hug and said hi to Eleanor. 'Beth, wanna take lunch with me today?' 'Erm' 'Ok Call me when you're out of class babe.'

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