Loving You Harry Styles

This story is about a teenage girl living her dream with her best friend she had a thing for a guy Called Harry Styles and since the day she met him her life has never been the same..... read this story to find out how beth and harry get on .....


5. I Should Have Kissed You

My parents were arguing for everything these days. They couldn't stand each other. My dad slapped my mum yesterday and her nose bled like mad. I was scared. Harry and I still haven't talked to each other. I decided to let him go. Shelby wasn't answering my calls and Eleanor had just left to Germany for the holidays. I had no one to turn to. I needed a friend right now. Perrie was having a party tonight to celebrate the beginning of the holidays. I didn't want to go but my mother told me it would be good to get away for all of this. I put a pair of jeans and a white tank on. I decided to go simple. I had no one to impress. Once I got there, loads of people were already dancing and singing along. I noticed Harry and Perrie, they seemed happy. Perrie lent in to kiss him, but he denied realizing I was staring. He was pathetic. I went straight to the bar and ordered a vodka straight. I drank the whole thing even tho I didn't eat anything that day. After an hour of starring and drinking, a cute guy came up to me. He had short brown hair and blue eyes. We flirted a little and ended up kissing. It wasn't magical like with Harry but it helped to get over him. I noticed someone starring in the corner of the room. Harry. I kissed the guy again to get him jealous. My vision started to get blurry. 'I'm going to dance' I slurred. I was totally drunk. I danced with this random guy who wasn't cute at all. I had no idea what I was doing. But at this point it didn't really matter. He took me by the waist and we danced to the beat of the music. I kissed him. I then went to sit on the couch because I was feeling pretty sick. A handsome boy came up to me. I smiled. We talked a bit and then randomly kissed. When suddenly, something pulled me away from him. It was Harry. 'No. Let me kiss him' I yelled. He dragged me outside and sat me on a bench. 'What?' I cried. No answer. 'I wanna go back in. Pleeeease' Tears started rolling down my cheeks and I didn't even know why. 'Look at you. You're totally drunk. I don't want you to do anymore damage to your reputation' I mocked him. 'Oh. And that's you talking. Harry the flirt. Harry the player. Harry the-' 'You know that isn't true' He interrupted me with a serious face, frowning his eyebrows. 'Then, Why?' I lost my cheeky smile. 'Why what?' He seemed confused. 'Why cheat on \p\errie? With me? Uh? Why?' 'Beth, I ... I don't love Perrie. I just don't dare break up with her. She would make my life hell. But I realized today that I have to, to be with the girl I love. This girl is amazing. She has a sweet american accent and smiles at everything I say. She is the most beautiful girl on earth. But she says I'm just a player.' I looked down at the ground. Great, another girl. He laughed and looked straight in my eyes. 'That girl is you, Beth.' He looked at me with his starry eyes. Suddenly, I felt sick. Really sick. I covered my mouth and ran to a bush. I vomited like never before. Harry came up to me and rubbed my back. 'Okay. Time to go home now.' He carried me and soon enough I fell asleep in his warm arms...

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