Live Love Niall!!

When your lucky enough to meet the group of your dreams and even get a date with them it's good.... But when to I them from the band our fighting over you it may cause a bit of trouble!


5. Surprise surprise

Today is the last day of school till winter break begins. Olivia and I walk to my dads house my mom is gonna pick us up after work. While we are walking home I fall right on my bum. I'm sitting there laughing and crying on the ground. Olivia looks at me a just smiles the next thing I know there's a strong pair of hands grab my waist an help me up. Olivia is smiling really big but I can't tell who it is. I turn around as soon as I stand up and it's Niall. I hug him he pulls me closer. "How did you get here!?" "I drove from the airport." I laugh. He smiles. It starts to snow were walking down the middle of the road and Niall spins me around and kisses me as the snow fall. Olivia takes a picture of it too. We get to my dads house and Niall says that he's here for 2 weeks and looks over and says to Olivia. "Louis is on his way he said he'd meet us at the movies tonight." Olivia smiles really big. My mom gets here and we all climb into the back of her car. She was the one that picked up Niall so his stuff was already in the trunk. We got in and were listing to the new  CD Heartbreaker. Niall had his arm around me. We were all singing along. When we get to my moms house I put Niall's bag in my room. We then jump back into the car and we then drive to the movie theater. Louis is there and Olivia runs up to him. They hug I then hold hands with Niall he looks down at me. "Love you boo." I smile. We walk in and we go to watch Dead as Done. It was okay I still put my head into Niall's chest and he kept his arm around me. I felt comfortable.  He kissed my ear and then whispered its alright I'm here for you boo. I just kept my head down. I then felt him clutch me in a little tighter I look up at him. " it's alright babe sorry to scare you. Your alright." I just smile a  witty smile. He then gets up and grabs my hand and we walk out to the lobby. "Why did we leave?" 
"Because my Boo is scared and I can't stand this." "Can't stand what?" " I can't stand always being away from you." He puts his hands on my hips and slowly pulls me closer. His lips slowly touch mine. His hands go a little lower. " I can't stand knowing I'm not always there for you. I know what happens at high schools and I can't stand knowing that I'm not always there to protect you Mary your my one and only and It's just gotta be you." I smile "I love you too." We just hang out in the arcade until the movie ends. We play the racing game and then the hunting game. Niall played the claw and won me a big carrot!! It's so cute. When the movie was over Olivia came over to me and me and her were talking "Oh my gosh Mary..." I looked at her and shook my head.  "Louis proposed to me!!!" I smiled " Oh my God that's so awesome Olivia!!" We then walked over to the boys. Louis and Olivia departed into Louis car. Niall kissed my forehead and we got into my car. I looked at him "We are waiting a few years." He smiled "I know Boo I will wait all my life for you." I kissed him slowly. My mom then turned around "Was it a good movie." Niall started talking to her, " Well yes but Mary got scared so we hung out in the arcade for half the movie." My mom smiled " I see." We drive the rest of the way home somewhat silent.  When we got home Niall carried me in. I just kept my hands around his neck. When we got in I let go and walked into my room and changed into my tinker bell pjs. Niall then changed into a pair of shorts. We laid in the living room for a few I kept my head on his shoulder he just put his arm around me and stroked my hair. At around 10pm I fell asleep on Niall. He carried me back to Marks room and laid me down but then he laid down and put his arm around me and kissed my forehead. I then woke up at 2 am.  I tried not to wake up but when I sat up Niall woke up. He saw my eyes watering. He put his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek. "Boo it's alright I'm right here." I turned my head and looked at him and really started to cry I buried my head into his shoulder. "Whats wrong boo?" I didn't answer right away, Niall just rubbed my back.    " It's okay boo I'm never leaving you I love you." I just lifted my head up "I'm sorry." He just looked at me confused. "What are you sorry for?" He then wiped my tears from my eyes. "Boo I love you there's nothing to be sorry for you didn't do anything." I just looked him in the eye,but I had to smile because he is just so cute. He kissed my forehead "All better?" I shook my head yes. It was already 3am. "Let's go back to sleep." We laid back down I put my head on his chest and he stroked my hair. "Love you Boo." "Love you too." I woke up around 7:30am. I went out to the kitchen and made everybody waffles it was snowing out and it was just so beautiful. After I finished making the waffles I woke up Michael, my mom, Doug, lizzy and the Niall. He changed into blue jeans and a bright green sweat shirt. I was getting cold so I went into my room and grabbed Niall's old sweatshirt he gave me the first night we were together. We then sat down and ate together. My mom asked Niall "What are you doing for Christmas?" Niall just smiled " I was gonna stay with you guys if you don't mind. I don't leave till January 11th." My mom shook her head "That's fine." I looked at Niall and he just smiled. After we ate Niall and I picked up the kitchen and we put on our snow pants and coats. I couldn't get my coat to zip cause it got caught so Niall helped me. After that we made snow angles and then two snow forts. While Niall was finishing the second snow fort I started to chuck snow balls at him. He turned around and threw some at me. Then he chased me around and wrapped his arms around my waist and kiss me. I smiled and then we fall down. We just smiled. I kiss him again.  We then head into watermen cause were gonna meet up with Elissa, Harry, Liam, Louis, Olivia and Zayn at the skate park. I grab my snowboard just incase any one wants to ride it down the ramps at the skate park. When we get there only Zayn and Liam are there and they start a snow fight. Niall and I run and I start chucking them at Zayn he then comes up behind me and grabs my waist. Out of the corner of my eye I see Niall, I struggle to get out but Zayn has to tight a grip on me. Niall comes running over "Zayn let go of her." Zayn snarls "or what?" Niall looks at me " I'll kick your ass that's what I'll do." I smile at Niall he is just so cute. Zayn rolls his eyes and then kisses my cheek, then pushes me towards Niall. I wipe my cheek. Niall pulls me in for a hug. "He didn't hurt you did he." I shake my head no. I then start crying. Niall shakes his head. "He did hurt you didn't he!!"  I can't really talk but I manage to say " He crushed my stomach." I then show Niall a mark on my stomach. He looked at me "Want me to kiss it to make it feel better." I smiled and he kissed it real quick. He then kissed me. I just smiled. He then grabbed my hand and we walked over to Liam. Zayn drove off to blow some steam. 5 minutes later Olivia and Louis pulled up and about 15 minutes later Elissa and Harry pulled up. We all hung out at the skate park. We all pulled on are snow pants. I then grabbed my snow board from the back of my truck. Niall grabbed it and went down on it first he was really good. He told me to try but I didn't trust my self. He then told me to try and we walked on to a small ramp. He grabbed my hands and held me as I slid down the ramp. He then made me try with only holding one hand and then by myself. When I went by myself I fell backwards but thank god he was there to catch me. He just smiled and kissed my forehead. That is when Zayn came back. He just pulled up and sat in the truck for a while then he came out and we all got partnered up Niall and I, Elissa and Harry, Louis and Olivia, and Liam and Zayn. We then all built forts and started a big snow ball fight. Niall just held my waist as I threw the snow balls. He kissed my neck every now and then. It was wonderful. After we did that we all went are separate ways. Before we left though I hugged all the guys not knowing when I'd see them next but when I got to Zayn he looked at me. I did hug him and I could see Niall watching Zayn closely. Right before he let go of me he kissed my forehead and said "you belong with me" I just pushed away and walked off. I could tell Niall didn't like that one he came flying towards Zayn and punched him across the face. "Don't you ever touch her again." Zayn just stared at Niall then punched him in the eye. Then Zayn walked away. I rushed towards Niall his eye was swollen and already turning black and blue. I wouldn't let Niall drive home so Me and  Louis road in my truck and Olivia drove her car and Niall sat in the passenger seat. The reason I didn't just drive with Niall is because Louis wanted to talk to me. "Mary I want you to know that Niall really loves you and I just want you to know that your his princess and he will do anything to make you happy." I smiled " I know Louis and I love him just as much." Louis laughed "Good"  We then got to my house and I walked in with Niall and thanked Louis and Olivia. When we got in the house I got Niall and ice pack and made him lay down on the couch. I put the ice pack on his eye. "I'm sorry Niall." He tried to sit up but I made him lay down. "Its fine boo, I should of been next to you the whole time." I smile and I kiss him. He smiled " I think my eye needs a kiss to make it feel better." I smiled "is that so..." He lifted up the ice pack and I kissed his eye. He smiled and then he kissed me. My mom then got home and we had her look at his eye, she said it will be fine in a week or two. Niall just looked at me and grabbed my hand. I held on and we walked back to my room. Mark was home so Niall was gonna lay in my bed and I was gonna lay on the couch. We sat in my room for a few. I just was about to leave and lay on the couch but Niall grabbed my wrist. "Don't leave lay here with me." I smiled " I wish I could but how will both of us lay on it??" He replied with " Well if you lay right next to me or put your head on my chest I'm sure it will work." I smiled " just cause I love you." He then kissed me a long sweet kiss and I kissed back with a long tender kiss. I felt like the best person ever. We laid looking at each other and every few minutes we would kiss. I finally fell asleep my body right next to his it felt perfect it felt awesome. 

Chapter 6: Christmas 

Today is Christmas eve and we are heading over to my dads for the day. When we get there we open presents. I got a couple new sweatshirts and a few new CDs. After that we all sit down and eat. Niall is really quiet. So when we're done eating we go down stairs. We were sitting on my bed "What's wrong babe." Niall looks at me "Nothing." I sit over next to him and hug him. "What's really wrong." "Nothing I'm just tired."  I kiss his cheek "lay down then and take a nap." he just looks at me. I kiss his cheek and then I go up stairs and Niall lays in my bed. I hang out with everybody for a while. A few minutes later I walk back down stairs and open my door Niall is sleeping. I go over and sit next to him. I kiss his cheek again. He doesn't budge. I kiss his cheek one more time then go back upstairs. 30minutes later Niall comes upstairs. I walk over from the couch and hug him "feel better." He smiles and then we walk over to the couch and sit down. Niall grabs my hand. He then starts messing with my fingers. We stay there for another hour and then we all jump back into my truck Niall is driving and I'm in the middle Lizzy is on the other side of me. We put all are stuff in the tool box. When we get to my moms house Lizzy jumps out and grabs all her stuff the walks inside. I sit in the truck for a while longer with Niall. I make him look at me " Niall what's wrong?" He just smiles "I just like watching you be happy I was never sad just it's so fun to watch you be happy." I smile really big and kiss his cheek. "I love you Niall..." "I love you too boo." We then jump out of the truck and walk inside. We put out cookies with my baby brother and then he goes to bed and Niall and I play Santa. Niall eats the cookies and drinks the milk and we both carry the presents out under the tree and stuff the stockings. We then kiss under the mistletoe and then walk back to my room. Niall lays down and I lay next to him. "Good night and Merry Christmas." "Goodnight and merry Christmas to you too Boo." I smile and kiss him. We then both fall asleep. We are then awaken at 6am by my brother Michael he runs into our room and shakes me "Marrrry Santa came!" We get up and I kiss Niall "Merry Christmas babe!" he kisses me back "Marry Christmas Boo." We then walk out to the living room. I'm still wearing my superman pjs an Niall is wearing Irish pants and a green T-Shirt. We all sit down. Michael opens his presents first. Lizzy and Mark are right after him. I then give Niall his presents from me. I got him two Irish hoodies and a knew pair of Air Jordan's. He just smiled " Thanks boo." He then gave me a small box. I opened it up and there was a charm bracelet with an Irish Flag and USA flag an N and M a heart and an airplane. I then look in the box again and see a ticket to go to Ireland!! I wrap my arms around Niall and kiss his neck."You shouldn't have Niall oh my God this is amazing!!" He smiled, "your mom already got you out of school for 2 weeks and all your homework." I then opened my presents from my mom. I got new green zig techs and a couple Irish sweat shirts too wear to Ireland. Once we're all done opening presents I hug my mom thanks and then Niall and I go back to my room. " Thanks so much!!!" he just kissed my forehead, " it's so amazing to see you so happy to go back to my home town, I can't wait till you see my parents." We kiss for a long time he pulls me closer. I then just lay my head on his shoulder. He just sits there and rubs my back " I love you boo." " I love you too babe." 
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