Live Love Niall!!

When your lucky enough to meet the group of your dreams and even get a date with them it's good.... But when to I them from the band our fighting over you it may cause a bit of trouble!


7. Meeting the Family

"The flight to Mullinger, Ireland leaves in 30minutes." the announcer said. I look up at Niall. He kisses my forehead. I'm wearing blue jeans and Nialls sweatshirt, Im also wearing my N necklace and my charm bracelet. Niall is wearing khakis and a blue hoodie and his Air Jordan's. We walk hand in hand towards the Starbucks in O'hare airport. I get a hot chocolate, and he gets an ice mocha. We go and sit down in the food court. "10 minutes till loading for the plane to Mullinger, Ireland." the announcer says. Niall and I throw our stuff away. We then grab our bags and head to our gate. "The plane to Mullinger,Ireland is now loading." We walk to the gate and get on the plane. Niall helps me put my bag in the over head compartment. We then sit down. Niall sits in the isle seat and I sit in by the window. Theres a guy about in his 20's behind us with his 8 year old nephew. The people in front of us are a guy and a girl about 17. We just sit there. Niall grabs my hand as we go up. I'm not as scared as I was when we went to DC. When we're up in the air the people in front of us start talking. The guys name was Eric an the girl was Victory. "OMG Victory did you see that guy behind us." "I know right Eric that's Niall Horan from One Direction. But who's that ugly girl with him?" I look over at Niall he just smiles "Mary your beautiful." The people start talking again. "I wonder if there dating? There was nothing in any of the articles!!" "Victory he's like my biggest celebrity crush." Obviously Eric is gay. I see them watching us. Niall see it too. So he kisses me short but passionate. I kiss back. Niall runs his finger through my hair and kisses my neck multiple times. We then kiss again. I smile. He puts his arm around me and I lay my head on his shoulder. It's a 15hour long ride. Its about 3am now and we are suppose to be landing at 6pm our time midnight Ireland time. I fall asleep and awaken about 7am. Niall kisses my forehead "Morning Beautiful!" The air attendant brings us Apple Juice. We both drink ours. A few minutes pass and the people in front of us start to make fun of us again. Niall then really kisses me he slides his hand down my chest and kisses my neck. He then kisses me again I run my fingers through Nialls hair. We kiss for like 10minutes. The people in front of us turn around and don't turn back around for the rest of the time. I smile, he kisses me one short kiss. "Love you babe." I kiss him back "love you too." We then sit there for a few. The flight attendant comes back and gives us waffles and more apple juice. After were finished eating we play tic tac toe on my kindle fire. I win a few times and so does he. At the end of the games it's about lunch time. Niall kisses my cheek "4 more hours till Ireland" he whispers into my ear. I smile. "You know Mary your the most beautiful girl on this plane." I smile. The people in front of us asked us for a photo of us together. Niall smiled and said sure and then we got them to take one of us on our phones. They said yes and then said thank you. After that Victory said "Mary I'm sorry for my early remark i am very sorry." I smiled and said "it's fine." They then turn back around. Niall kisses my temple "your so kind" I smile "and your so adorable." He winks at me and then kisses me I kiss back for a  while. I then take another nap. When I wake up Niall looks at me "Mary we will be landing real soon so I put your seatbelt on for you." I smiled "Thanks babe..." I grabbed his hand while we were landing and my eyes were watering. He held my hand and kissed my cheek. "It's fine babe I'm right here for you." My eyes started really watering and I squeezed his hand a little hard. He just looked at me and kissed my forehead. When we landed he got my bag and we held hands while walking out. He then kissed my forehead again "Welcome to Ireland boo
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