Live Love Niall!!

When your lucky enough to meet the group of your dreams and even get a date with them it's good.... But when to I them from the band our fighting over you it may cause a bit of trouble!


1. Meet and Greet

Today me and my best friend Elissa our going to our first One Direction concert! Its Elissa's birthday so me and my mom decided to surprise her with Meet and Greet passes. I pulled on my blue jean shorts and my Niall Horan's girlfriend  T-shirt! We then picked up Elissa she was wearing her Hazza T-shirt! We hugged and i shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY EAR!!!!! Then i squeezed the death out of her like i normally do! Anyways we were jamming out to there old cd Up All Night! When we got there i grabbed my 1D sweat shirt and jumped out of the truck. Then I grabbed Elissa's arm and ran to the line and flung a pass around her neck. She laughed and said thanks buddy!! When we got to the table I put my sweatshirt on the table. Zayn smiled and signed his name on the pocket, Harry said Hey and smiled at me and signed on the hood, Louis scrame CARROTS!!!! Then signed on the sleeve and wrote Carrots really big, Liam signed on the chest and said hey, when I got to Niall he looked at me and said I love your shirt, then signed my shirt and put his hand in the pocket part and said soft. I laughed and said thanks!!  I then looked at him one more time and he winked at me. I walked away and reached into my pocket, where i found a piece of paper. I took it out and it said your beautiful then Niall's phone number I put it right into my phone then sent a text saying Hi Niall this is Mary. He replied right away with what a beautiful name beautiful. I laughed then I saw Elissa coming from behind. She said  that she got all there signatures and Harry took a picture with her. I looked at her and told her that Niall gave me his phone number. Shes like noway your kidding me right i said No! Then we ran to the truck and sat down all giggly my mom just said off to Applebee's right. I then sent Niall a text saying Hey its my best friends birthday today do you think you guys could sing to her and then I wrote thanks Niall <3!  He replied with sure but only on one condition! I was confused what condition? He said we will sing to your friend if you go on a date with me! I was shocked and replied fast with yess :). He said good see you tonight ;). A few minutes later he sent me a text saying Wait whats your friends name and what seats do you guys have. I told him Elissa and not very good seats. He asked if we would like to get better seats I said "sure but there are 4 of us." "I don't care its fine :)!!! "We then went to Applebee's. Niall was still texting me nonstop and I learned alot more about him. He then asked me a very serious question. "Mary, I really like you even though we just met  but do you only like me cause of One Direction." I was shocked "Of course not Niall you are amazing and I really like you and Id like to know more about you. "He replied with "Good beautiful :) <3. "Elissa and I both ordered steak and we finished fast and then we walked back to the truck and drove to the concert. I told Niall we were here and he told us to go to the back door and he and Paul would be there. When we got to the back door I saw Niall immideatly and he ran right towards me and we hugged. Elissa followed behind. I then wisphered into his ear "Niall you know i'm 5 years younger than you are you sure we wont get in trouble if you date me. "He looked me straight into my eyes. "Not unless we go really far... "I giggled. "Oh " he then put his arm around me i could tell elissa felt left out so i wisphered into his ear"do you know if Harry would like to meet my friend." i said gesturing to Elissa. He laughed. "Of course." He then walked over to a door and knocked " guys come on out i got some people for you to meet." Harry noticed Elissa right away and went over and started to talk to her. Liz ran over to Harry though first and said hi and he nodded and then she hugged him. I on the other hand talked to all of the guys. Niall had his arm around me Zayn was standing on the other side of me with his hands in his pockets. Liam and Louis were messing around next to Niall. "Hey Niall where are our seats anyways." "well mary you can either have front row seats or backstage seats!" i looked at elissa who was still talking to Harry. I said backstage i guess. So we hung out and watched the concert from backstage when the concert was over Niall asked my mom if he could take me on a date that night and he'd have me back by morning. My mom said yes of course and Harry an Elissa went out too. I told Niall I had nothing cute to wear and that I prob look like a disaster at the moment. He shook his head your beautiful Mary. I smiled then he grabbed my hand and we walked out into a limousine. We sat in and he put his arm around me I laid my head down on his shoulder. I wanted to stay like this forever. We drove for a while and then we pulled into a parking lot and it felt familiar. When we got out I saw Elissa and Harry walk out of their limo. Niall looked at me and smiled. He then grabbed my hand and we walked into Mardi Gras Lanes in Dekalb. When we got in we got are shoes and went to our lane. Niall and I then got some Nachos and some Pepsi. Then we started to bowl. It was my turn and I sucked, Niall came up behind me. "Here let me help you" he wrapped one arm around me and guided me as I rolled the ball. I must admit I really wasn't paying attention with his body close to me and the smell of his cologne in the air. After that it was getting chilly so Niall ran out to the limo and grabbed me his sweatshirt. I wore it the whole night. Elissa and Harry seemed to be getting along great. When we finished Niall led me back out to the limo it was about 12:30am. I told the driver where we lived and then texted Elissa to have him go to my house. Niall had his arm around me and I eventually fell asleep in the warmth of his body. When we got to my house he  got out with me and looked at me and said "I know I've only known you for a few hours but your beautiful and I really like you  and I really would like to spend some more time with you." I smiled. " if you want we have an extra room where you and Harry could sleep. I really like you too and not because your in one direction. I..." I was then interupted with a sweet gentle kiss. " I know Mary"  I giggled then kissed him back. Niall then called Paul and told him the plan. Niall then followed me inside. I told Niall he could sleep in my bed and Harry could sleep in Marks bed and Elissa and I'd sleep on the couches. Niall smiled and said thanks I then grabbed a pair of shorts and my superman shirt and changed fast then threw my hair into a pony. I chucked a pillow at Elissa. She laughed I then got a text from Niall Goodnight:) I smiled Goodnight Niall :P. Elissa told me all about her car ride and I told her about mine. I fell asleep around 2am and same with Elissa. I woke up around 7am. I took a shower quickly then threw on a pair  of shorts and my Indian Creek Volleyball Tee.  Then I threw my hair up into a ponytail and sat in the living room and turned on CMT. A few minutes later Niall woke up and came out to the living room. He sat down right next to me and kissed my forehead."So your a country girl." I nodded and smiled. He looked at me and then smiled. I then got up and grabbed us both doughnuts. Elissa's mom was on her way and Harry was gonna go with her. Niall and I sat and watched CMT for a while then Niall change into a pair of jeans and a plaid button up shirt. I then changed into a pair of jean capris my cowboy boots and a pink tshirt. We then climbed into my truck that my dad let me keep in Somonauk for another year. Niall jumped into the drivers side and turned it on. I rolled down my window and then turned on the music. We finally got going. It was about 10:30. Niall started driving towards Shabbona. When we got to Shabbona he turned into Shabbona State Park. "What are we doing here?". "We are gonna go hiking!" I laughed "okay then.." Niall parked and got out and opened my door for me. He then grabbed my hand and we went for a two hour long hike. We held hands the whole time and every now and then he'd kiss my forehead and sometimes I'd kiss him back. After we were done hiking we went to screamers and got some ice cream. We then got back in my truck and we drove back to my moms house. When we got there we walked around Lake Holiday hand in hand. We got back to my house and he said "I'll be back in 30mins may I take your truck?" I shook my head yes and we hugged. While Niall was away I decided to straighten my hair and then I threw on shorts and my DC T-shirt.  I then sat on the couch thinking threw the last few days. The next thing I knew  I heard a knock on the door. I walked over and I saw Niall I opened the door. Niall came in and was very sad looking. "Mary, I know Ive only known you for 2 days and I've learned a lot about you in 2days and your amazing. I know im gonna be on tour for a while but I really really like you. So I got you this necklace so you can remember me. While I'm on tour. I promise no girl will change how I feel for you and I'll come back as much as possible and after tour I'll come back I promise Mary." "Niall I really like you too this necklace is beautiful." The necklace had a N on it with a blue sapphire on it. Niall then took the necklace and put it around my neck, he then spun me around and kissed me. "I'm gonna miss you babe. I'll text you all the time." I kissed him real quick. "How are you getting to the airport??" "Oh Paul's picking me up here in a few." "Ohhhhh...."  I said with a sad face. "Don't be sad Mary." He said and then kissed me. I kissed back and then he hugged me. " I really like you," he whispered in my ear. " I really like you too." Soon we heard honking. " That must be Paul. Bye Mary I'll text you soon." "Bye Niall I'll miss you." "Miss you too." He then kissed me and then I watched him leave. As soon as they pulled away I was a little sad then I heard my phone go off it said "I love you baby love you forever Niall!!!" I went over to my phone it was a text and Niall was my ringtone!!! He sent me a text saying I already miss you love. I said the same. I ended up not getting any sleep and texting Niall all night.
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