Live Love Niall!!

When your lucky enough to meet the group of your dreams and even get a date with them it's good.... But when to I them from the band our fighting over you it may cause a bit of trouble!


2. Love

I was standing at O'hare airport. Many people were passing by me and I was just standing there in blue jeans and my 1D sweatshirt with my hair pulled up in a pony tail. My mom was in the car outside waiting. It was August 23rd and Niall was coming to Illinois for a week. He was staying at my dads house with me for the weekend. I looked at my phone its 7:32pm. Just 8 more minutes I could wait 8 minutes. "The flight from Ireland will be landing now!" I smiled the biggest smile ever. I start walking towards the gate Niall will be coming from. When I see his airplane land I get all gitty but I make sure it's not showing.Then I see people coming out of the plane. 1,2,3, people pass none are  Niall. 4,5,6, still not Niall, 7,8,9& then finally I see a guy with blonde hair and a green  sweatshirt its Niall. I smile so big. Niall drops his bags and runs towards me. He picks me up in his arms and spins me around and then kisses me. I kiss back and then smile really big. "I missed you so much Niall!!" "I missed you so much too baby you have no idea." Niall kissed me again and then again. We laugh then he sets me down. "Where's your mom at?" I point to towards the exit. He laughs and then kisses me one more time. Then he grabbed my hand and we walk out too the car. Niall opens up my door I slide in and he slides in next too me. "Hi Niall." my mom says. "Hello Mrs.Franzen." Niall then puts his arm around me, and kisses my forehead. As we drive Niall and I both fall asleep. When we get to my moms house Niall insists on carrying me into my room. He puts one arm under my leg and one around my back. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him a couple times. He kisses me back. "I like you a lot Niall." "I know you do and I like you a lot too!" I smiled and he sets me down in my bed and he bent down and kissed me. " Goodnight Beautiful!" I kiss him back "Goodnight babe!" 

-----7am August 24th----

This morning I woke up to the smell of French toast. I threw my hair into a ponytail, then I walked into Marks bedroom where Niall stayed. I jump on the bed. Niall wakes up and looks at me "Goodmorning Niall!!" 
"Good morning Beautiful," he throws on a green muscle shirt and gives me a kiss on the head and we walk out to the kitchen. Michael who is now 2 is sitting down eating his French toast. Niall and I grab ours and sit down and eat. After that I jump into my truck and Niall jumps into the drivers seat only 7 more months till I get my drivers license!!  We drive to my dads house. Our bags are in the back. We pull up to my dads house. Niall comes around and opens my door and grabs mine and his bag. When we walk in Joslyn attacks Niall. " OMG YOU ARE NIALL HORAN THE NIALL HORAN!!!!" I look at Niall he smiles at me and say yeah I am. Then he grabs my hand and we walk down to my bedroom and he throws his bag on my bed. "So what's with all the pictures of all the other guys but none of me?" " Because Joslyn won't let me have posters of you that's why and I can prove it." We walk over to Joslyn's room. "See!!!!!"  he smiles at me " I was just kidding babe." Niall then kissed me.  I laugh and then we walk back upstairs and sit out on the couch. "Hello Niall." "Hello Mr. Franzen." They shake hands. "Mary may I talk to Niall man to man real quick." I say sure and then I walk down to my room and set our bags on the ground.I grab my camera off the desk. There's a ton of pictures from my concert last month.  There's a few pictures of Niall and I from our first date. I look through them. After about 5mins Niall walks into my bedroom and sits on my bed. "What?" I ask. "Nothing!" "Well you look pissed off." "I'm fine." Niall then hugs me. " I know your not babe." I whisper. "Mary get up here just you!" My dad screams down the stairs. "Yes" "Sit down" "Alright." I sit down. " I don't like him." " oh we'll dad he's staying here for the weekend you can get over it I like him." "so mary" " either he stays or were both going." " I guess he can stay..." "I thought so dad." I then head back down stairs.  I walk into my room crying. Niall runs up too me. " What's wrong baby." He grabbed my face softly and wiped my tears. "Tell me everything baby."  Tears are still rolling down my face. "Why cant he like you." Niall smiles "that's why  you are so upset baby." I shake my head yes. He laughs. I playfully punch him " That isn't funny Niall!!!" I smile cause he's so cute. " Let go somewhere out to eat perhaps." "Ok let me change real quick then." "No Mary you look beautiful now no need to change." We then walked upstairs past everyone and out to the truck. When we were sitting in the truck Niall leaned over to me and kissed me and said "Mary I love you....." I looked up at him and he said " It's true 100% true." I smiled and said " I love you to Niall I really do."
He smiled "I know" He then drove off. We drove all the way to Dekalb and went to Applebee's. After that he drove to Khols and said you can get a new outfit. I got jean shorts and a sequenced pink tank top.After that we went and looked for a new outfit for Niall he got khaki pants and a green plaid button down shirt. We then drove to WOW 7 in Sandwich and met up with Elissa and Harry and Olivia and Louis. Zayn was in Bradford,England and Liam was with Danielle. We sat down in our seats to watch a new movie called The Haunted. Niall put his arm around me it was really scary and I buried my head in to his chest. Niall slowly stroked my hair and kissed my neck a couple times. The movie was halfway over and I was freaking out. Niall got up and walked with me to get refills. When we were out getting refills. Niall noticed tears running down my face he put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer "Babe are you alright." I didn't say anything just shook my head yes. He hugged me and wisphered "I'm right here no need to be scared I'm never leaving you I love you." I smiled a little " I love you too." We grabbed our refills and headed back to the movies. When we got back to our seats I still put my head into his chest and he still stroked my hair and he kissed my neck a few times. After the movie was over we all went to Johnny K's. Louis arm was around Olivia and he fed her a few fries. Niall had his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. Harry and Elissa were holding hands. We were keeping a normal conversation when Elissa had to go home. Harry grabbed her hand and walked out with her. I said we should probably go to. Niall said yeah so we left and headed back to my dads. It was 8:30 when we got back to my dads house. I told my dad we were home and we were going to bed. He said the futon in the basement was ready for Niall. I said all right and we headed down stairs. I gave Niall his bag and he said thanks babe. He kissed me and the we said our goodnights and I went to my room and he went to the futon. I changed into my mickey mouse pajamas and laid in bed for a while. Niall texted me asking if I was okay. I replied with yes :/. He sent back a frowny face I know your not. I wish I could lay with you and make you feel better but I know your dad would get mad. I replied with I know and I love you. He sent I love you too I'll see you in the morning sweet dreams. I replied with sweet dreams babe love you. I then put my phone on my doc and eventually fell asleep but fastly woke up at midnight. I grabbed my phone and sent Niall a text saying Niall are you up? He said yes babe what's wrong? I quickly said I'm really scared I can't sleep. He then opened my door and walked in. " I can't see my babe scared." I smiled and he kissed my forehead and then he put his arm around me "Just settle down baby Im here now!" " Niall my dad is gonna get mad." " I don't care if he does your scared and I need to be here with you." I smiled and he kissed my forehead. I kissed him and he rocked me back and forth for a while singing More Than This.  I soon fell asleep in his arms. 

----8am August 25th-----

This morning when I woke up I looked around Niall must already be up because he wasn't in my room. My phone was on the charger Niall must of put it on there for me he's so sweet. I quickly threw on my new jean shorts and my she's my Louis t-shirt. Then threw my hair into a ponytail. I walked out of my room and found Niall putting on a blue Aeropostale t-shirt. I then walked up to him and kissed him " I love you Niall!" He was about to kiss me back but Joslyn walked out of her room so instead he hugged me and kissed my cheek. Joslyn grunted then walked passed. Niall giggled and kissed my forehead and then we walked upstairs. My dad put out waffles and said grab some and sit down. " Niall you can sit in Lizzys spot since she's at a friends" my dad said. "Thank you sir." My dad nodded and we sat down and ate. After we ate Niall and I grabbed my bags from my room and threw them in the back of my truck. We then drove to my moms house. We went down stairs and played some Call of Duty. Niall won so I raged quit. "Hey...." Niall said and he came over and kissed my forehead. " Sorry babe."  I smiled " it's alright." Then I kissed him. It was about 4 pm. I went to my room threw on blue jeans and my Farmall long sleeve shirt and my cowboy boots. I then went to the bathroom and straightened my hair. I was about to put on some makeup but Niall came in and hit the mascara out of my hand. " Why did you do that!" "Mary, you do not need any make up you are beautiful as is." Niall then apologized for hitting my hand and kissed my hand and then my forehead. I smiled and put my hair into a pony tail. " You look beautiful Mary." I smiled and said thanks. He was wearing blue jeans a red muscle shirt an cowboy boots. " So your going country?" I said to Niall. "Just for you babe." I smiled and then he smiled and kissed me. We go into the truck and I kissed his cheek real quick. I could see him smiling from a distance. We then went to Sycamore Speedway and met up with Elissa, Harry, Louis, Olivia, Liam, and Danielle. We all sat down on the top row I sat next to Niall and Elissa. Liam and Danielle had there hands intertwined. Louis and Olivia were taking pictures together and Harry had his arm around Elissa and she had her head on his shoulder. Niall put his arm around my waist and our hands intertwined. He leaned over and kissed me. I smiled and kissed back. Then we took a picture with him kissing my cheek. It was awesome. We finally went home it was near 11:30pm when we left. When we got home I put my camera into the computer and Niall sat next to me. I printed off 4 photos two of me and Niall kissing. One for him and one for me. I printed another one of us to together holding hands that Elissa took that night. On my phone the lock background was a picture of us kissing and the other background was of Niall and same with him but of me instead of him. It was about 1am  and I have school in 6hours.  So we walked up stairs. Niall kissed me real quick and said goodnight babe and hugged me and kissed my forehead again. "Goodnight Niall." "I love you sweet dreams." "Love you too." Niall then kissed me again an then he went to Marks room and I went to my room. 
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