Live Love Niall!!

When your lucky enough to meet the group of your dreams and even get a date with them it's good.... But when to I them from the band our fighting over you it may cause a bit of trouble!


10. Louis and Olivia's Wedding

Chapter 12: Olivia and Louis's wedding

Todays Olivia and Louis's wedding. We're all 18 and have graduated high school now. I'm not moved into Niall's house yet but were moving in this weekend. Olivia and Niall switched houses for the day even though both them live right next door and Harry and Elissa live on the other side of me. Olivia and I our getting our hair done and meeting up with Ellie, Elissa, and Lucy, at the hair salon. Ellie is her maid of honor and the rest of us our her brides mades. She has a really pretty white dress. It is a strapless dress that flows down it has tons of sparkles and a red sash. The brides mades dresses are also really pretty there red with straps but it flows down and has flowers on the way down. It's super cute. We all get are hair done. When we got to the church I saw Niall in his tuxedo with his red under shirt. Harry was the best man. Every one walked down the isle, I walked down with Zayn. I could tell Niall was jealous. Niall and Lucy walked together, Elissa walked with Liam and Ellie and Harry walked together.  When the ceremony was over we went to this really nice place for the reception.  When we got to the reception, I found Niall he pulled me close "You look so beautiful!!" I smiled "and you look mighty handsome yourself." He smiled and kissed my cheek. We danced for a long time. It then came to my all time favorite slow song Amazed by Lone star. Niall pulled me in close and we danced I kept my head on his chest as he sang along with the song.He then kissed my head.  We then came to another slow song and Zayn asked me to dance. I looked over at Niall an he nodded and he danced with Elissa right next to us. Zayn didn't move any really he just looked at me and said "You look gorgeous." I smiled "Thanks." When the dance finished we hugged and I walked over to Niall. He smiled, we should get going its late. We walked over to Olivia and Louis "Congrats you guys." They smiled "Thanks." We then walked out to my truck. I jumped into the drivers seat and we drove away.
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