Live Love Niall!!

When your lucky enough to meet the group of your dreams and even get a date with them it's good.... But when to I them from the band our fighting over you it may cause a bit of trouble!


8. Ireland

We eventually got to Nialls parents house. His mom and dad let me sleep in his old bed and he was gonna sleep in the living room. He walked me back to his room it was blue with an Irish flag in there. There was a bunch of pictures of us and one of just me. I smile, "what you like the pictures?" I smile and nod "Good I wish I had more of just you though." I kiss his cheek "Maybe you can???" He smiles then kisses me. We then hug and say our goodnights. When Niall leaves I look around his room and smile. I then fall asleep. Niall comes into the room about 6am and sits on the bed next to me. He kisses my cheek. "Would you like to take a shower real quick." I say yes then grab my clothes. After my shower I put my hair into a braid. I then put on blue jean shorts and a pink and green plaid tank top with a white cover up. We go out to the living room and we sit down on the couch for a while. His mom, Maura, comes in and we talk for a while. She is really sweet and her and Bobby, Nialls dad, were really generous. Niall and I then walked out side. It's winter here but there's no snow. So we decided to go to the fair. Niall grabbed my hand and we walked on over to the fair. We went to the games first. We did the hammer game. Niall put his arm around me so we swung together. We did win a grand prize. It was a huge stuffed green gorilla. Niall then played a dart game and won me a medium sized fish. We kissed. After that we got a funnel cake. We then went over to the Ferris Wheel. We went around a few times and then we got stuck on the top. A bunch of fireworks went off and we kissed a long kiss. We then went around again. After that we headed back to Niall's house. His brother was there. We sat in the living room then.  Greg started to talk to Niall for a bit and I just sat in the living room. It was awkward. After about 20 minutes Niall came back. He sat next to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we kissed. 
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