Live Love Niall!!

When your lucky enough to meet the group of your dreams and even get a date with them it's good.... But when to I them from the band our fighting over you it may cause a bit of trouble!


9. Departure from Ireland/Sad but Happy news!!!

Today was our last day in Ireland. We just hung around the house it was about 8am there time. Maura and Bobby were making breakfast for us. Niall and I were in his room taking pictures together. "I'm going to miss Ireland.." I looked at Niall confused " What do you mean aren't u coming back after the weekend??" He smiled. "I've been meaning to tell you...  I'm moving to America so I can be closer to you I've already gotten my citizenship." I smiled the biggest smile ever." Well where are you going to live???" He just pulled me in closer."Well your mom said I could stay with you guys till I find a house close to you." I smile really big then an kiss his cheek. He smiles. We then pack up all the pictures of us and his Irish flag. He then told me "By the way we have our own private plane to Chicago." I smile. We then start to pack his clothes. He just sits there and watches me "I love you boo."   I smile and chuck a sweatshirt at him "I love you too now come help me." He walks over and helps me pack his clothes. I leave out a sweatshirt for me to put on when we get to Chicago. It turns 10pm there time when we finished packing. We ate tacos for dinner then we headed for the airport. When we got to the airport we loaded the plane up real quick. Then we sat on this couch thing with seat belts. Niall then put his arm around me. I laid my head on his shoulder as we took off. Once we were in the air we started to play games. I sat on one couch and he sat on the other. We grabbed a squishy ball and threw it from one person to the other. Whoever made it hit the floor had to Kiss the other. After that we just sat and talked for a while. I fell asleep an i think Niall did too. We then landed in Chicago it was around 6am. "Good morning Boo." "Good morning Niall." When we got home we put Nialls 4 boxes in my room. We then took my brother to the indoor pool at the YMCA. When we got there I went through the girls locker room and Niall and my brother went through the men's. When we got in the pool my brother didn't want me to hold him but Niall to. I smiled I'm glad Niall and Michael were getting along. We swam for a few my brother just like going down the slide. After we were done he fell asleep on Niall so we carefully put him in his carseat. Niall then kissed me. We then went to Walmart and bought steaks and potatoes for dinner tonight. Niall also got my brother a motor bike game for the Xbox. I don't know exactly why Niall did that for Michael but oh well. When we got home it was about 4pm. Niall and my brother walked down to the basement and played the Xbox game. I took a quick shower. Then headed down stairs. Michael was winning. Niall kept showing him new things like Nitrous Boost and how to do doughnuts. When my mom got home I went back upstairs and helped her make dinner. We all then sat and ate dinner. Lizzy was at a friends house. Niall and I sat in the living room and watched my brother play. My mom and Doug just cleaned up.  Later on that night I fell asleep in the living room. I had school in the morning. 

Chapter 11: Depressing but good news!

Today Niall and my family our moving Niall into his house in the Kennedy Subdivision; but  today didn't start out the best. One Direction broke up today. The guys decided they would rather start there life's now. This sad depressing day is there 3rd year together.  Louis an Olivia our getting married in 7 weeks, Danielle  is pregnant, Harry and Elissa our engaged and Niall's moving into his own house in Waterman,Il. Zayn went back to Bradford. Oh did I tell you Harry and Elissa our living next door to Niall and I. But Elissa and I aren't moving in until were 18. Anyways Doug and Niall were moving in the big stuff. Michael and Lizzy were playing in the back yard. "Mary I'm so glad you found someone that's so nice to you,and I'm glad your staying close by. Your still going to college though right?" I looked at my mom " thanks for helping us and yes I'm going to finish up high school and then start online college." She just smiled. Then Doug and Niall called for us. We ran upstairs and went to our bedroom. My mom and I already painted everything. We made a room for Michael for when he stays with us when I move in. 
We put up the bed our room was blue. We had the Irish flag above the bed, a tv on the opposite side. We then had pictures of us around it. After you walked out of there we went to the empty area. In there we had Niall's guitar and a computer. We then had pictures of Niall when he was little a few of me when I was younger an a few of Michael and Lizzy. Then there was a picture of my family and a picture of Niall's family. Then you go into Michaels room. His room was Red with a bed and tractors all over. The next room was the bathroom. Then the game room. That room was green and there were a nice leather couch and a ton of shelfs with games on it there was also a tv. 
On the first floor we had the dogs room for when we got dogs. That room was light grey with dog bones on the wall. The next room was the living room. We had two couches and a tv. Then the kitchen, bathroom, and dining room. Outside we had a fenced in yard and that was it so far. The garage was descent size. 
We could fit both my truck and Niall's truck in there. After we got Niall all situated we all went out to dinner at Houlahands.  I got a cheeseburger and cheese fries like normal. That's what every one got. We then drove off. My mom told me I could stay with Niall just for the night. The next day I had to help Olivia get ready for her wedding.  
When we got home we sat in the living room and watched tv. Niall kissed my forehead "This is now our home." He then got down on one knee. "Mary I know you said we our gonna wait but I want you to know your my one and only and I want to be your one and only, we don't have to get married for another two years when you graduate high school or we can marry now but I just want you forever. Will you marry me?" I started to cry I shook my head yes "Of course Niall..." He smiled then kissed me. We kissed again and again. I then got changed into pjs. It was already really late and I need to get rest. We laid down on our new bed. I kissed him and he kissed me back. "I love you Mary so much. I kissed him "I love you too Niall." 
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