The Harry Potter Games

Voldemort is dead. But another evil is rising. Vampires and Werewolves. Harry and his friends must fight them along side the winners of the Hunger Games: Katniss and Peeta Mellark to kill them off. When the Minstry of Magic announces that no harm will come to the public, they trap all of them in an arena. The clock is ticking, they only have 10 days to kill all of them, can they do it?


1. Announcement

Consiousness returned to my lungs and eyes, but only to find myself in a glass tube. Confused, worried and terrified, I swiveled around myself, searching for questions I could possibly ask myself. None came to mind except where the Hell am I? In the distance, I saw other people in other glass tubes. They were all stirring, half awake half asleep. One of them I recognised, Peeta, my husband. There were three other people in tubes, but I didn't have a clue who they were. I dismissed it from my mind, escaping from this god damn tube is more important than worrying about who else is in them.


I pushed my face up against the glass, the only thing visible was a forest. The trees were too tall to see the sky. Which was disapointing. I started to pound my fists against the tube, hoping eventually it would give in and smash. No success came to that idea. I gave up quickly, and simply sat down. I kept looking around, searching for a sign that anything was going to happen. Nothing change, except the visible breeze pushing the branches and leaves on the trees. A bleeping red light caught my sudden eye when it swirled around like a ambulance light. What the Hell? I stood up to attention, I wasn't the only one who did. Peeta did too, in the tube next to me. He seemed fine, but I wasn't going to dismiss the fact that he curled up on the floor. Maybe he was knocked out like I was, but he hit the ground more brutally.


I think I was knocked out anyway, all I can remember is being shipped to some place called England to kill some things called Vampires. I don't even know what they are, and I'm expected to kill them? Also, someone called Harry Potter is killing them too or something. Again, I don't have a clue who that is. He must be one of the two boys in tubes over there. Wait a second. The tubes, the light, the fact I don't have a clue where I am. No, no not again. I'm not going into the Arena again, I've already lived throught the hell of it twice, and the second time me and Peeta were almost killed. I've really had enough of this torture, it's sickening to think about Humans in an Arena having to kill each other for the fun of some idiots in the Capitol.


A sudden loud buzzing noised echoed around the tube, causing it to unpleasantly vibrate. The other three people in tubes woke up with alert, open eyes. They stumbled to their feet, the girl fell over actually. The two boys were fine though, curious and worried, but in a sense they were fine. An unfirmiliar voice ringed out, booming out whatever bad news he had to say.


"Greetings Vampire and Werewolf slayers." Great, now I'm a slayer. What am I next? I don't have any ideas, but something stupid. "You are all in the Arena to kill, kill, kill. Katniss and Peeta, this will be very simliar to The Hunger Games that you have impressively won twice, but the rules are different." I rolled my eyes, this isn't going to be good I can tell. "You all are in a team, so unlike The Games you won't have to kill each other." Oh, well that isn't bad news. It's good news I guess, the best you can get in an Arena. "You all have one objective, it's simple and easy. You have to kill the werewolves and Vampires within a week. We warn you, they are very tricky to kill, but we are sure you can do it. We have weakened them so they can't run or jump as fast as they could before, so we've helped you a little. Infront of the glass tubes are food, weapons and other items you may use. The Vampires and Werewolves are on the other side of the Arena. And to just let you know, this is being broadcasted live across both the Magical world and Panem." So, this is The Games just easier, with harder opponents? Okay?


The tubes lifted slowly, and a sudden gush of wind pulled my off of the platform. "The clock is ticking, so go get them. This is the Minister of Magic wishing you luck." The communication cut off, and we were on our own. On our own to kill creatures that are hard to kill?! Well, we need more than luck than don't we?


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