The Broken Heart

A girl named Susanne dates a handsome boy named Kevin.They date for 2 months and Kevin is cheating on Susanne.


1. My heart.

                                One day,Susanne had to move.She waved goodbye to her friends and she went to

                           the car crying."I will miss you guys" Susanne said.When they got to thier new house they

                    unpacked and they set up everything.Susanne went up to her room and cried the whole night.

                   The next day she went to her new school and she saw a really cute boy!!! "OMG" Susanne screamed.

                     Every one was staring at her.She smiled and said "oops."The boy spotted her and fell in love with her.

               Even though the boy did not know her.The cute boy walked up to her and introduced himself."Hi.My name

                is Kevin.My last name is love.I just wanted to mention that."We both started to laugh."ha ha ha ha ha ha"

                   "Do you want me to show you around."I was about to say sure but a boy came out from behind me and

            he said "sorry.I am already assisting her."      Kevin said "She doesn't even know you."      "Yes,she does.Me and

            her took kindergarten together." "oh your sticky face!!Why dont I just pick who will assist me.I pick . . . Kevin." 

            After Kevin showed me around,He asked me if we can date.I said  Absolutely!!After 2 months I saw him kissing

            my best friend,Sasha.Me and Sasha were best friends in kindergarten,grade 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and when we were

              turning grade 9 she moved away.:Your kissing my best friend!"I yelled."I should have picked sticky face        

        instead!"I said." am so sorry.Please forgive me."Kevin said."NO!"I yelled.


              So Susanne dumped Kevin and apologized to sticky face.(Real name:Jake)Sticky face and Susanne soon

             dated and they never broke up.They were together,but Susanne had cancer and she had died in December

             19.Sticky face never loved any body else and he had died alone.Kevin married Sasha and he missed Susanne

             and he kept thinking about her so one day he couldn't take  it anymore and he killed himself so he can  be

             with Susanne.Sasha kept trying to get dates.She soon ended up with a boy named Greg.

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