A One Direction fanfiction for all you Directioners out there, this one is about a girl, Lizzie. She is torn between the two loves of her life...Harry and Zayn but there's a dramatic twist! She's pregnant but who's the dad? My first fanfic:3


15. Date 4: Harry

"Come on," Harry begged, he purred down the phone.

"I don't know, Harry..." I began. I entwined my fingers round the phone connection cable.

"You'll have a lot of fun," He said.

I could almost feel him grinning down the phone, "ok," I said.

I put down the phone and giggled.

"What's funny? Where you going tonight?" My Mum asked.

"To a club?" I said and smirked.

"With Harry?" She asked.

I nodded. But she just walked away.

Harry had just convinced me to go to a club, I'd gone to a few clubs before with Louis and Zayn, one with Liam and his friends, one with Niall and his mate Josh and another with Perrie my best friend. Well, she used to be my best friend until I started seeing Harry, she kinda just floated away and we haven't spoke in a while. 

I've never been to a club with Harry which is probably why he wanted to take me, which was weird for a date. A clubbing date, eh? Haha.

I stared into the mirror, my purple dress was riding a little high and the shiny lipstick to match it was sitting against my lips making them look plump. I had on some fake lashes and no foundation, I hated the stuff. But I did have concealer to hide my volcano spots on my chin. I pulled my blonde wavy hair down myself and ruffled it up a bit. I wanted to look nice, I knew Harry would.

Right then, there was a knock on my door.

"Hi, Liz," He said and kissed me.

"Hi, Haz," I replied after the kiss.

We walked hand in hand to the club, the music was blaring loud and we had to shout to hear each other.

"Do you want a drink?!" Yelled Harry and wrapped his hands around my waist, "you look lovely tonight."

"Yeah, I'll have a drink please and I look what?!" I replied, yelling, over the loud music.

"Lovely, you look lovely," He repeated again and we kissed.

He went off to get the drinks as I went to the loo.

I shut the loo door and locked it tight, I rubbed my sore ears that were now pulsing from the loud music and shouting. "Ow." I groaned.

"In here, no one ever goes in here," A female said from outside the toilet.

'Shit' I thought, 'what's happening?'

From under my door I saw 2 shadows come into the bathroom.

"Check first," A male said.

I quickly jumped up onto the toilet seat to hide my feet. I knew it was a mistake the second I jumped up but it was too late the girl was already saying no one was there.

"Great," The male said again.

"We should have never broken up..." Said the female.

'Weird,' I thought.

The voice sounded like my old best friend Perrie.

The male didn't reply, I heard the sound of their lips connecting in the stall next to mine. 

I breathed quietly.

"You're a good kisser, babe." Whispered the male.

It was weird, I swore the voice belonged to Zayn.

My eyes widened, Zayn!? With Perrie!? Was I dreaming?!

"Mm, Zayn." Moaned 'Perrie'.

Great that fucking clears it all up now.

"Zayn." I whispered a little louder than I wanted too.

"Who said that?" Zayn replied quieter.

"Kiss me more, Zayn." Said Perrie seductively. By the sound of it, she was sucking on his neck, just like I would. "You have other bite marks..." Said Perrie.

YEAH, FUCKING MINE, I thought to myself.

"No, Perrie, someone just whispered Zayn."

"No they didn't, kiss me again." Said Perrie.

"Zayn fucking Malik," I said.

"Who's there?"

"Who's your little girlfriend?" I spat out, I tried to hold the tears.

"Liz?" Said Zayn.

"Lizzie?" Perrie said, suddenly knowing who I was.

"Yeah, it's me!" I shouted as I ran out the bathroom.

"Liz, wait! It's... it's not... come back!" Shouted Zayn.

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