A One Direction fanfiction for all you Directioners out there, this one is about a girl, Lizzie. She is torn between the two loves of her life...Harry and Zayn but there's a dramatic twist! She's pregnant but who's the dad? My first fanfic:3


12. Date 1: Zayn

I heard a knock on the door, obviously it would be Zayn.

"Hang on," I called as I touched up my lipstick and looked in the mirror once more.

When I opened the door I found Zayn, smartly dressed in a sexy white shirt, it was unbuttoned slightly. He scanned down my body, searchingly, taking in my outfit and jewelry. He handed me some roses whilst quietly stuttering, "wow."

I took them and put them inside.

"Lizzie, you look beautiful," he said then kissed me.

"You're looking good too babe," I said and rubbed my hand down his chest and smiled.

"But you're just so gorgeous," he said and lifted up my chin.

"Zayn, you're making me blush!" I said and sure enough blushed.

"It's cute," he said and shrugged.

I closed and locked the doors, "where we going?"

"I was thinking that place at The Harbour.. the new one?" He said and wrapped his cute little fingers around mine.

"Oh, that one opened by Lutini?" I asked, puzzled.

"Yeh," Zayn replied.

My mouth dropped open in shock, "Wait, Zayn, what? That place is soo expensive!" I said.

"Only the best for my girl, right?" He said and kissed my hand leading me to the restaurant.

No wonder I had blushed, but when we got to the restaurant it was like magic, the place was so grand and royal. All I could think was'wow, this must be burning a hole in Zayn's pocket.' 

Zayn pulled out my chair for me then sat in his own chair as he studied the menu carefully. 

"Come on, baby, what do you want to eat?" Zayn said and smiled. 

"I'll just have the spaghetti and meatballs, please," I said to the waitress who had just come over.

"Anything else?" She asked and jotted down some things in her notepad.

"Can I please have the bread on the side please, oh, and, would it be a bother if I have extra cheese on my spaghetti, ma'am?" I asked politely.

"Not at all Miss, what drink would you like?" She asked.

"Water will be fine, thanks," I said and smiled at her.

"Sure," she said cheerfully. She then turned towards Zayn, "and for you, Sir?" She asked.

"Urm, yeah, I'll have the same thanks," he said. "But without the extra cheese... thanks.

"Alright, that'll be coming up shortly," she said.

I turned to look at Zayn, "thank you so much for this Zayn.." I said.

"It's alright, darl, anything for you." He said and kissed my hand.

After a while the food finally came.

"Here you go Miss," said the waitress and placed my food gently on the table. "Your extra cheese is on there too."

"Thank you, thanks." I said and picked up my knife and fork.

I began to dig into my meal, wow, it was so good. Zayn did the same, and we looked at each other's expressions and laughed.

"We should do that thing." Zayn said.

"What thing, babe?" I asked.

"You know, the lady and the tramp romantic scene," he said and laughed then winked.

"Sure," I laughed. 

Zayn raised his fork up to my mouth, there was a single string of spaghetti. I took it and placed it in my lips, Zayn took the other end.

"Ready," I mumbled.

Zayn nodded and we made our way to the middle and out lips touched. A waitress walked by and giggled, so did I.

"Aw, Zayn." I said and laughed, then finished up my meal.

He leaned in for a cheeky snog and me being me, I kindly accepted and gave Zayn a taste of the inside of my mouth.

"Here's your bill Sir," Said the waitress.

Zayn rumaged around for the bill whilst being lost in my eyes, then glanced down at it quickly, and shortly gulped.

"What. What is it?!" I demanded. I tried to take the bill from him but he wouldn't let go.

"I don't understand, Lizzie, there's nothing wrong." He said, he sneakily shoved the bill into his pocket and drew out his card.

"Are you sure..?" I asked. I rubbed my hand over his knee, gently massaging him for a moment.

He nodded, "yep."

After we'd paid and tipped Zayn leaded me out of the restaurant, he guided me back to my house.

"I've had a wonderful time tonight, babe," He said and kissed me.

"Me too," I said, we kissed again, passionately. 

I could feel Zayn's tongue and I smiled in the kiss, so did Zayn. I rested my forehead on his and kissed his nose gently.

"Goodnight." He said and left.

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