A One Direction fanfiction for all you Directioners out there, this one is about a girl, Lizzie. She is torn between the two loves of her life...Harry and Zayn but there's a dramatic twist! She's pregnant but who's the dad? My first fanfic:3


3. 1 New Message

I woke up, curious of where I was I got up and stumbled around. Then it clicked that I was in Zayn's house. I looked around for a bit in the family room, turned and saw Zayn wasn't on the sofa. I plodded into the kitchen and yawned. 

"Morning," Said Zayn. He was sat down at the table with a mug of some hot drink, he was skimming through the local newspaper.

"Hey," I said.

Zayn looked up then froze, his eyes were glued to me. I could almost feel them, like a heat machine scanning down my body. I looked down at myself, I was still in my bra and pants, I squealed and ran back into the family room to wrap myself in a blanket before coming back to the kitchen.

Zayn was laughing, I started to laugh too. I walked up to him and sat on his lap.

"Zayn," I said seriously, without looking at him.

Zayn looked down too, "yeah?". He could tell by my voice this wouldn't be a happy conversation.

"I just wanted to say, I'm not a cheater..." I began. I stopped halfway through my sentence, I was expecting Zayn to interrupt me, but he didn't. He didn't say anything. "Listen, Zayn, I haven't been your girlfriend, and I haven't been Harry's girlfriend. I was just seeing you both."

"No, Lizzie, it's more than that. You were having passionate sex with me and my best friend. It makes me feel sick when I think about it," Zayn said. He looked down at the floor and twiddled his thumbs.

There was a long pause before Zayn finally broke the silence.

"What you gonna do about this baby?" He asks. He awkwardly slides his hands across his lap to push me off it.

I stand up and take the seat next to him.

"I don't even know," I said.

"You have plenty of time to think about it," Zayn said.

"I need to know who the Dad is though," I said. I looked up at Zayn, he was biting his lip.

"I'll take you in 2 days to the doctors, we'll find out." Zayn said. 

He smiled at me before pushing his lips against mine. I broke out the kiss when I felt my phone vibrate. I picked up my phone which was sat in my lap.

"Hang on a sec," I tell Zayn. I saw a text message. I was calm until I saw who the text was from: Harry.

I smiled at my phone then looked up at Zayn, he looked pissed off, what was I doing to upset him?! I looked at my phone then looked at Zayn. 'Jealous,' I said in my head.

"Sorry, where were we?" I asked. I leaned in to continue kissing Zayn but he broke away and pulled out his phone and pretended to text.

"Zaaaayn! Okaay, okaay, I'm sorry. But I have to go now anyway." I said and smiled at him.

I picked myself up and wandered back to the family room where I got changed, collected my things and was about to leave the house. I felt fingertips wrap round my tummy and I got pulled back I landed into a passionate kiss from Zayn.

"I'll text you later about the doctors," He said after the kiss. He winked at me then slapped my bum.

"Zayn," I said and laughed.

He laughed too as we said our goodbyes.

I heard Zayn's front door close after me and I walked down the steps to the road and opened the big heavy gate at the front of the house. I pulled out my phone and looked at the message from Harry.

'Hey Lizzie, come round to mine, I think we need to talk. x.' I read.

I smiled and began to run to Harry's house. I was so excited, so many emotions were running through my mind. All I could think about were the 2 boys in my life, the 2 loves of my life. I stopped, still. I realized more than ever at that point I would break a heart and mend a heart. It became clearer and clearer in the minutes I was walking to Harry's. Only one Dad, only one baby, only one husband, only one love. I would have to chose between Harry and Zayn. Who would be the best husband? Who would be the best Dad? Who do I love the most? Who do I want to spend eternity with?

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