England Love

Lailee is a 17 year old girl who has got her heart broken too many times. And Her recent scheme to get back at her ex lands her in the police station. Her mother has had enough and decided to make her spend the summer with her grandmother in enlgand. Lailee is convinced this summer is going to suck but will a curly haird boy she met on a plane change that?


2. Takeoff

2 days later i boarded the plane to hell. Mom hugged me goodbye and granted me $100 in case i need something. Walking through the jetway i passed a guy who knelt picking up some papers. "Would you like some help?" i asked. The man looked up. We met eyes and i was mesmerized. In front of me was a guy with the most beautiful eyes. He also was crazy good looking with brown curly hair that matched his face well. " No thanks I've almost have them all." I melted when i heard his english accent. Then He stood and smiled at me then continued on to the plane.

Finding my seat i stuffed my backpack into the overhead compartment. I kept my purse with me because it had my most valuable things inside. Sliding into my window seat i went ahead and buckled the seatbelt. It took a while for the other seat to be filled. When the curly haired guy from earlier sat down next to me i felt my heart speed up.

I thought of how to start a conversation with this guy but my mind went blank. I glanced over at him he seemed concentrated on his phone. Feeling me stare he looked at me and i turned away. "Aren't you the girl from earlier?" I nodded yes. "Nice to meet you my name is Harry." He reached his hand out to shake my hand. While shaking hands i mentioned that my name ia Lailee. He complemented my name by saying it was a unique name. We kept talking until the captain came on the speaker.

Something about him made me trust him and i felt like i could tell him anything. Midway through the flight i got the sudden urge to stretch my legs plus i had to pee. I unbuckled myself and asked Harry if i could get by."Most Certainly." He stood up and let me past. I hurried to the bathroom. I hated airplane bathrooms. I felt so exposed and claustrophobic. Washing my hands I dried them off and stepped out of the small bathroom. I hadn't realized the line of people waiting for their turn. A lady pushed me out of the way and went into the bathroom. "How rude!" i thought.

When i returned to my seat I saw 5 girls surrounding Harry. I coughed to get their attention but none of them moved. Done with being polite i pushed my way to my seat saying "Excuse me but i need to get to my seat!" Finally squeezing past them i was so close to sitting down when the plane jolted whch resulted in me falling into Harry's lap. My face turned a bright red. "Hey there!" Harry said chuckling. I removed myself from his lap and into my seat. As soon as i got settled down the flight attendant came to shoo the girls away.

"So why were those girls all over you?" I asked Harry when all 5 girls left. He furrowed his brow thinking of how to respond to me. "Well don't freak out but i'm Harry Styles from One Direction." He squeezed his eyes shut while covering his ears like expecting me to scream. I rummaged through my mind truing to remember who One Direction is. Finally i got it. "Oh you're in the boy band that sings what makes you beautiful. That's a catchy song!" He smiled and ruffled my hair.

A couple of hours later the pilot announced we would be landing soon. I was relieved because i was so squished in this plane, but i also was disappointed cause that meant no more talking to Harry.

When we landed i pulled my stuff together and stood up to leave. Harry stood up and stepped into the aisle. I opened the overhead compartment and grabbed my backpack. Turning to walk off the plane I ran into someone. Looking up I met those beatiful green eyes that belonged to Harry. He waited for me?

"Why did you wait for me?" I asked him. "Why wouldn't I?" He replied turning to walk off. I followed him out of the plane. When we came into the airport he asked me. "So how long are you in England for?" He asked. "For the summer I'm staying with my grandma." I said. He mumbled something under his breath but i couldn't make out the words.

We Headed to bag cliam and there he met up with the other band members at least i think they were. They all looked at Harry then at me and the Blonde boy said, "Is this another girl. Harry you have got to stop racking up girls. They aren't a collectible item.

Confused by what he said i was about to ask himto explain but then the bell went off signaling the bags were coming of the plane. I spotted mine and went to grab it when a pair of hands got it before me. "Hey that's my suitcase!" I shouted. "Yeah, I know." I recognized that voice. I followed the hands to see the gorgeous face of Harry. I could feel me blushing as i grabbed it from him. A few minutes later all 5 of the boys had their belongs and that was my cue to leave. I said goodbye to them and turned to leave when someone grabbed my hand. "Wait, can i get your number?" Harry asked. i turned to face him. " Oh yeah, of course." We traded phones to put in our numbers. "Maybe we can hang sometime." And with that i left to find my grandmother.

I found her standing by the airport doors. She hugged me saying how much I've grown. We talked about mom was doing on her own. reaching the car she popped the trunk and threw my suitcase and backpack into it. I walked to the passenger side only finding out that it was the driver's side. These british cars were going to confuse me so much.


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