England Love

Lailee is a 17 year old girl who has got her heart broken too many times. And Her recent scheme to get back at her ex lands her in the police station. Her mother has had enough and decided to make her spend the summer with her grandmother in enlgand. Lailee is convinced this summer is going to suck but will a curly haird boy she met on a plane change that?


11. Simon


"Harry! Lailee! Wake up simon landing in 10!" I heard Liam yell. I groaned and pulled the covers over my headonly to have them snatched away from me. "Seriously get dressed!"

I opened my eyes to see Harry quickly getting dressed and cleaning up. "What is the rush?" Remembering that Simon was coming i answered my own question. I jumped up and pulled on my shorts and tied the hipsat please shirt into a knot so it wasn't huge anymore. Lookingfor a hairbrush i tripped over a chair and fell on my face. "Shit!" Harry helped me up and handed me a brush. Oh he's so thoughtful. I rolled my eyes.

We all sat in the livingroom waiting for simon with a couple minutesto spare. When we heard 3 knocks on the door. Liam got up and let Simon in. "Ok boys you have an interview tonight at Radio 94.5..." He stopped when he saw me. "Who is this?"

"This is Harry's new girlfriend, Lailee."Louis answered with a smirk on his face. He was enjoying this too much. Simon reached his hand out "Very nice to meet you. I hope you don't mind me talk to the boys about business." I shook my head no. How was i supposed to talk to a legend?

An hour later Simon left with all the business settled. The boys had an interview tonight then rehearsal tomorrow then a concert the next day. I didn't realizehow busy celebrititys were.

"Who want's lunch?" Niall asked everyone. We all answered with a Hell yeah!


~Author note - sorry for the short chapter but im having a lil bit of writers block~

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