England Love

Lailee is a 17 year old girl who has got her heart broken too many times. And Her recent scheme to get back at her ex lands her in the police station. Her mother has had enough and decided to make her spend the summer with her grandmother in enlgand. Lailee is convinced this summer is going to suck but will a curly haird boy she met on a plane change that?


9. Night in

We decide to eat at pizzaria's. Whenwe got there it was full of old people so no worry about crazy fans. Finding a table at the back me and the boys sat down. Soon the waitress came to take our order. All of the boys got their own pizza while i shared one with Harry.

By the time the waitress came with our food everyone had settled into seperate conversations. "So what movie are we going to see Harry?" I asked. We discussed movies until we had narrowed it down to 2. It was either the new Iceage or Ted. I asked louis what he thought. he said to go with Ice age because we definitly know it will be good. Zayn diagreed. He thought we should see Ted cause it would be hilarious and we would laugh our asses off. An hour later we had gotten no closer to picking a movie.

"How about we skip the movie and Lailee can Come back to the hotel with us" Harry suggested to us. The boys started to make kissy noises and my face turned bright red. "Oh yall just need to grow up!" I told them as i stood up to go to the bathroom.

When i came back i saw that only Harry was waiting for me. "Where did everyone go?"

"They thought we needed some time alone so they said they would meet us at the hotel then left." Harry explained. He stood up and took my hand and led me to his car.

The drive to the hotel was a silent one. What had made Harry so quiet? I didn't knowhow to ask him about so i just said nothing. Pulling up to the hotel Harry handed the keys to valet and we walked in.

Once we got to the room we didn't see any of the boys. "strange" I whispered. We searched the whole hotel room but they were no where to be found. Harry took out his phone and called Louis."Where are you?" I heard louis's voice on the other side of the phone. Chuckling Harry hung up and tossed his phone on the couch.

"He thought we might like some 'alone time'." I walked to Harry and tussled his hair. He smiled and lifted me up eye level to him and kissed me. I bit his lip and tugged on it causing him to let out a moan. I did it once again while he carried me to his room. He threw me on the bed and jumped on top of me. Kissing my neck his hands slid down to my back. I grabbed his head and kissed him again running my hand through his curls. I tugged on his shirt and he sat upto take it off. He had sucha wonderful body. Tracing his abs he giggled a little because he was ticklish. I rolled over on top of him and gave him a love bite. He pulled my shirt up and over my head like he did a few nights ago.

I let him run his hands up my back and he stopped at the clasp of my bra. He slowly undid the first hook and moved on to the second... Then my phone started ringing. I reached to grab it "I have to take this. it's my grandma."

I answered the phoneto hear my grandma's voice. "Lailee, thank goodness you answered. I was calling to let you know that my car broke down at a friend's house. so i won't be home until tomorrow will you be fine by yourself?" I smiled knowing that i could stay with Harry tonight."Yes, i will see you tomorrow love you." I hung up and place my phone on the night stand.

I turned to harry and asked him to hand me my shirt. "Awwww but things were just getting heated up. If you want your shirt your gonna have to catch me!" Harry ran out of  the room with my shirt. I chased him into the living room. He stood on the table holding up my shirt. Jumping as high as i could i still couldn't reach it. I almost had it when Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam came into the hotel room.

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