England Love

Lailee is a 17 year old girl who has got her heart broken too many times. And Her recent scheme to get back at her ex lands her in the police station. Her mother has had enough and decided to make her spend the summer with her grandmother in enlgand. Lailee is convinced this summer is going to suck but will a curly haird boy she met on a plane change that?


15. Love

The next  morning i woke up to a bird chirping outside. I rolled over and met a sleeping Harry. He talked in his sleep i noticed. "Lailee don't leave me! I love you too much." He mumbled. It made me smile because he was dreaming about me. I don't think anyone cared for me as much as he did. Kissing him awake i dug my head into his bare chest. "Good morning , love. How was you're sleep?" "Wonderful i dreamt of rainbows and unicorns." He chuckled and kissed my forehead. I thought about telling him about his sleep talking, but i just let it be.

We got out of bed at 10 and took a shower together. Harry massaged the soap into my back and and down my thighs. I gasped as he caressed my lower body. "Harry as much as this feels good. The boys are probably waiting for us to come out of the room." He removed his hands from my body and pulled me out of the shower. I wrapped the towel around me and went to get dressed.

A few minutes later we emerged into the livingroom. Only louis and Liam were awake and they were intently watching a movie. me and Harry sat on the loveseat and cuddled. "Well if it isn't the 2 lovebirds. Got everything worked out?" Louis tease. I grabbed a pillow of the floor and threw it at him. "For information we did." Louis rubbed his head and turned back to the tv mumbling "She's a fiesty one alright." Harry chuckled and pulled me closer to him.

The movie we were watching seemed pointless. It was about a girl who keeps getting kidnapped then being saved by her true love. I mean surely any smart girl would learn that after getting kidnapped 50 times she needs to be more careful.

"Well im goingtogo make some cereal. Cause if i'm about to starve to death." I stood up and made my way to the kitchen. It took me awhile to find the cereal but looking in the last cabinet i rejoiced when i found it. Now all i need is a bowl and a spoon. "Looking for these." Harry said holding a bowl and a spoon. I reached out for them but he swiftly pulled them away and ran into the livingroom. "Harry be a nice boy and give me the freaking bowl and spoon!" He shook his head no and jumped over liam and hid behind the couch. "Be careful with that spoon!" Liam shouted with a look of fear on his face. I couldn't help but laugh.

Silently i creeped up to the couch and looked behind it expecting too see a cowering Harry, but alli found was floor. "Dang that boy moves fast!" as soon as the words left my lips someone came behind me and tickled my sides. I screamed and turned around to see Harry smirking. He handed me the bowl and spoon admitting defeat.

The boys had a rehearsal at 1 so that meant we had to be ready by noon."It's only 10 right now, so why don't i take you home so you can changed into some of your own clothes." Harry suggested. I agreed and we left the hotel.

When we arrived at my house i told Harry to sit on the couch while i got ready. I decided towear a pink dress with a lowcut denim jacket and i added my blackconverse to complete the look. For my hairi put it into a side braid and put onmy make up keeping it natural. I finished myself off with a few sprinces of my sweet pea perfume.

Coming down the stairsi heard Harry talking to my grandma. "I really apperciate how cooperative you are with how much time i've been spending with your daughter. And i promise to let yall spend time together." I coughed catching their attention. Harry stood up. "Wow, don't get me wrong your still beautiful in my clothes but you look stunning in your own clothes. Blushing i kissed him on the cheek. He was such a sweet heart.

"I think we better go or you be late and you know how simon gets when your late." I shivered remembering Simon's threat of getting rid of me. "right" Harry said, holding out his arm i looped mine into his and we headed to his rehearsal.

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