England Love

Lailee is a 17 year old girl who has got her heart broken too many times. And Her recent scheme to get back at her ex lands her in the police station. Her mother has had enough and decided to make her spend the summer with her grandmother in enlgand. Lailee is convinced this summer is going to suck but will a curly haird boy she met on a plane change that?


17. Heartbrake.

I was exactly sure where i was going but i didn't care. I stopped when i realized i was in a park. The moon lit up the park and i made my way to the swingset.

Tears continued to fall from my face as i started to swing. Mymind was jumbled. I couldn't get my thoughts straight everything was happening so fast. First i come to london, fall for a guy, then its over and i'm back to nothing. How could i let myself get hurt again.

I shivered, it was getting cold but i had no idea where i was. Jumping of the swing i curled up under a tree. Somehow i was thinking of my dad. I missed him if he was here he would cradle me and tell me everything was going to be alright. Before i knew it i was falling asleep.

"Are you ok?" I awoke to an unfamiliar voice. The events from lastnight replayed in my mind as iremembered why i was in a park. An old lady who was dressed ina jogging suit stood over me. "Yeah im alright i just got lost. I think i need to head home now." I stood up and started to walk away. The lady shrugged and continued her jog.

A couple of hours i stumbled up to my grandma's house. I went in and threw my self on the couch. "Lailee? Oh thank goodness i've been worried sick. Harry called looking for you." My grandmother came and hugged me. I was sore from walkingso muchand i was sure i looked horrible. "I think i'm going to take a shower." My grandma offered to make me some tea and toast. I agreed and slumped up the stairs.

When i was refreshed i sat on the couch wrappedin a blanket watching Beauty and the Beast. I wish i lived in a fairytale. Something goes wrong but in theend the princess lives happily ever after. Sadly in my life if something goes wrong there is no prince to save me.

"Ding dong" The doorbell rang. " I'll get grandma!" I opened the door to Harry. He looked as if he hasn't gotten any sleep. Still upset about the incident last night i started to shut the door. Harry stopped the door with his foot and pushed his way in. Why did he have to be so strong?

"Lailee, i understand if you never want to speak to me again, but give me 5 minutes to explain." I glared at him and leaned against the wall."Your time starts now." He sighed pulling his thoughts together. "Ilove you Lailee! More than anything in the world. I would do anything for you. You're different from any girl i've ever met. One look into your eyes and i know your the one. Ever since the day we met i've fallen deeper in love with you. I don't care what anybody thinks. Sure i love that my job is singing but my dream has changed. The only dream i want so desperatly is to be yours, forever." He looked into my eyes. I was speechless. He was willing to give up singing for me.

"That's all i hadto say. Now iwill leave you alone but i won't ever forget about you." Content with what he had said he kissed me on the forehead and left.

I shrunk into the couch and rethought everything. I loved Harry with all my heart, but i don't know if i can deal with simon and the whole world critizizing us. I went to take a warmbubble bath. I don't know why but i seemed to think best in a bubble bath.

Hours later i reached a decision and called a taxi. I wasn't sure what i was going to say to Harry but i just really needed to talk to him and work things out.


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