England Love

Lailee is a 17 year old girl who has got her heart broken too many times. And Her recent scheme to get back at her ex lands her in the police station. Her mother has had enough and decided to make her spend the summer with her grandmother in enlgand. Lailee is convinced this summer is going to suck but will a curly haird boy she met on a plane change that?


8. Fun

On the drive to the hotel Harry turned on the radio. "You're insecure don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walk throught the door... Everyone else in the room can see it everyone else but yooouuu!. Baby you light up my world like no body.. You don't know ow ow you don't know you're beautiful!" We belted out to eachother. Once the song ended Harry took a hold of my hand and kissed it.

Their Hotel was huge! I didn't know london had this big of hotels. We parked on the side of the building not wanting to waste time with valet.

Harry's room was on the top floor which was the 28th floor. This was the V.I.P. floor. When someone famous came to london they would always stay here, And i can see why.

" I forgot my key so we will have to knock. Hopefully the boys are up." Harry knocked on on the door 3 times and and awhile later a groaning Niall answered the door. "Ugggghhh Harrry did you forget your key again." Niall complained. We pushed him out of the way and went into the room.

The room had five bedrooms circled around the livingroom and a kitchen. In the middle of the living room was a giant flatscreen TV. I followed Harry to his bedroom and sat on his bed. "Love, you don't have to sit in here and wait you can go In the livingroom and watch tv." Harry told me. "But there is a tv in here so i will just make myself comfortable." He shrugged and went to change

I turned on the tv and looked for something decent to watch. Settling for some cartoons i layed on the bed. Soon after Harry cameout in a plaid shirt with some jeans. His hair has been tamed to a soft curly mess. " You ready?"

We left his room to go see if the others were ready as well. Liam, Louis, and Niall were sitting on the couch as we walked out. Louis lifted his eyebrows and smirked at Harry. "Oh hush up, Louis" He turned to look atme and replied "What i didn't say a thing."

About 10 minutes later Zayn came out of his room dressed and ready. We filed out of the hotel and into a crowd of girls. Crazy fans screamed at us and asked for pictures with the boy. Harry told me to continue to the car and he would meet me in a minute.

It took Harry 5 minutes to escape the screaming girls."Sorry about that" I told him it was alright and then we made our way to the amusement park.

"What do you wanna ride first?" Harry asked me. I scanned over the map of the park. There were bumper cars, rollercoasters,hauntedhouses and much more. "How about the bumper cars? I'm pretty i'm tall enough to drive one by myself." i joked. He giggled then raced me over to the bumber cars. The other 4 boys soon joined us. I climbed into a pink car that had a heart on it while harry sat in a green one with a lighnting bolt. Harry winked at me and said "Prepare to be bumped!" I laughed "Haha in your dreams." Just then the bumper cars started and the game was on.

I dodged between Louis and Niall and turned my wheel to bump into Zayn. "Hey Watch the hair." zayn shouting driving away. I searched for another victim and found Liam stuck in the corner. Sneaking up behind him i was about to bump him but then Harry came out of no where and bumped me in the side. Regaining my control i chase after harry. I guess Louis thought it be fun to block me while Niall came behind me and ran into me. "Haha Gotcha Lailee!" I put my game face on. "Oh its on like donkey kong!" But just as i got going my bumper car came to a stop ending the game.

Once every body came out of their bumper cars we went to ride the biggest rollercoaster in the park. I hated upside down rollercoaster but i didn't want to wimp out so i acted like it was nothing. "Ready to puke!" Louis yelled. My stomach flipped. Maybe i couldn't do this. I backed up and sat on a bench. Suddenly dizzy i saw Harry come up and put his arm around me."Are you okay, love?" I shook my head no. I told him i had a fear of big rollercoasters. "It's okay rollercoasters scare me too, But we have eachother so we can do this." I nodded and pulled himm into a hug. With my new found confidence i took Harry's hand and we joined the boys for the ride.

A few hours later we left the amusement park and went to the zoo. The london zoo had all kinds of animals. form lions to elephants. I even got to pet a monkey. " Harry, Can we get some dinner im kind of hungry?" He agreed with me that it was time to eat so we headed to eat.

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