I really don't know what to do .

Dear diary,
i actually find a site where i can write my feelings down.
I don't know why i'm feeling so down lately.. i listen to sad songs all the time, my mind is going crazy, that i dont even know what my mind is thinking. I've been hanging out at 18th ave with the 18th ave heads, i'm not sure if i like this guy or not, his name is jay, hes like a flirt, hes so nice to me,he gives me hugs that makes me happy, but i dont know what the hell i want to do, another kid name David likes me and he is nice, my feelings tells me that he gets jealous when jay is always around me and stuff but i dont want to hurt him, I've been single for my whole life, but i had a few flings with 4 people, cause i thought i really like them, I've been heart broken before. It made me not want to love again. Diary, im listening to a sad song right now called Im still loving you, im tearing, i dont know what to do.. it's painful .


1. I think i'm going to let go of everything

I'm tired of thinking, i dont want noone getting hurt, i might as well just back off and stay by myself, i have my dog and cats, i can love someone but never tell them, so the people around me wont get heartbroken, I don't want to get hurt again also, I'm so stupid atm, like what am i doing. I'm going to get clear with myself, I want to be STRONG!!!!

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