A girl and her horse

When 15 year old Emily finds a skinny dapple horse at deaths door,she heals him,loves him.But is it too late for both of them to start a new beggining and forget their past?


3. Whispa

A while later and Ella had been able to find a spare stable next to Whispa.
"He can't stay their!He can stay their for maximum two weeks but Lady will be coming back from compitistions after that.So I suggest you get that horse cleaned up and healed,I know you can,and find him somewhere eles.I will let you use stable food and supplies when needed."
"Thank you thank you thank you!"I cried!I quickly ran to the stable he was in and opened the door carefully.
"I'm going to call you Dapple Champion.I can see that under that mud and dirt your an amazing Dapple colour!"
Calmly I brushed of the caked in dirt and mud and feed him the stables special extra energy mixtured food.Champion ate the food happily.His poor legs where shaking,by the looks,he hadn't had a good meal in a while.
"Whispa,stop it!"Whispa had started whinnying and kicking at the side of his stable that joined on to Champion's.He didn't stop and had started flaring his nostrils at Champion.I gently tapped him with my whip,he never acted like this.
I realised when I took a quick glance at my watch that it was way later than I expected.I told Ella I would be back in the morning and kissed Dapple Champion on his soft as velvet nose.
"Nothing will stop me from making you better Champ,Ive only known you 2 hours and I love you more than I have ever loved anything. "
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