A girl and her horse

When 15 year old Emily finds a skinny dapple horse at deaths door,she heals him,loves him.But is it too late for both of them to start a new beggining and forget their past?


4. Rumors

When I woke up it was 7:29.The stables opened to staff and helpers at  6:30.I shoved on my riding clothes,my dad was still asleep so I made some toast myself, and ran all the way to the stables.I wanted to see how Dapple Champion was.As soon as I got there I rushed to the stable Champion was in,for some reason the stable was eerily quite.

I fed Champion and brushed off the last remaining dirt so his coat was gleaming. Disiding he needed some excisize I clipped on a lead rope.At first he refused to move and then i coaxed him with a carrot,I lead him to one of the empty pastures and unclipped him.It was amzing to see him racing around,the wind whipping his mane.

"Hey Emily!"It was one of Aldersbrook helpers,Lila.

"Hey Lila,what is it?"

"Im just saying,but theres rumors that Dapple Champion is Mark Fry's missing horse.."

"WHAT?"I exclaimed.Mark Fry was a horrible discusting man,like my dad,that did own a horse a few weeks ago but had apparently lost it.

"Look,Im just-"She was cut off...Mark Fry had stormed in through the gate.

"Who's stolen my 'orse?"He yelled,"I know one of you flippin stable people have stolen my 'orse!"

I walked to Dapple Champion and clipped him on,knowing this could get ugly.Mark had spotted Champion and had started walking over to us.

"What are you doin?You stupid scalywag!Give me back my 'orse!!"

Thats when I thought.

"You never looked after him,did you,properly I mean.How much would you want for him?"

He thought about it and scrached his chin. "I would like £250 pounds.I would go higher but you wouldnt be able to afford." He chuckled.

I got out my purse I know I had £200 pounds for an emergency.I got out my money,telling him I only had that much when Lila and Ella gently pushed me aside and gave him the money,and giving me back my own.

"Ella!Lila!How could you!Thats not fair!"I cried.

"Calm down Emily.Look that horse could be made fit and healthy if we all work together,last night I gave it a thinking,and I thought this horse could make I nice stable horse,his quiet and calm,and very active.If you pay for his food,I will let him stay here."

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