A girl and her horse

When 15 year old Emily finds a skinny dapple horse at deaths door,she heals him,loves him.But is it too late for both of them to start a new beggining and forget their past?


2. Dapple Champion

I was walking down Stanley Road (A road near my flat) when I heard a loud whinny.Defaintly a horse whinny.Then a loud stamp.Hooves?Quickly,I turned around.Tied up to a rusty metal post was a caked-in-mud horse with the skinniest legs and body I had ever seen on a horse.Automatically I looked around.

"Anyone there playing a trick?Coz this is sick."I said in discust.A dumb thing to say,yes but what do you say?I slowly made my way to the horse.Knowing is could Rear or kick out i put out my hand as slow as I could.Its eyes looked distant and far away.

First,he pulled on his rope to shy away from my hand,but then he stopped and his neck leaded forward to my extended hand.He muzzled my hand and my mouth dropped."He didn't bite or kick out,which I guess is kinda strange..."I whispered to myself.He was now straining his tired neck to my pocket,he must of smelt the baby carrots I carried around in my dark blue riding jacket. "Here boy!"I gave him a carrot and he gently nibbled it from my hand and looked up hungrily.That's when I knew what I had to do.Hurriedly I got out my phone and texted my dad:Dad I'll be about 20 mins late,KK? Wow,I really must hate him,no "love you lots!" or "xoxo".He was horrid so I didn't give it the slightest second thought. I grabbed hold of the rope tightly and walked him forwards and he followed. "Dapple Champion..."I mumbled. 5 minutes later from the weird glares I got from people down the street and I was at Aldesbrook stables. "Ella!Ella!Iv got a problem..."
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