A girl and her horse

When 15 year old Emily finds a skinny dapple horse at deaths door,she heals him,loves him.But is it too late for both of them to start a new beggining and forget their past?


6. Compitition

Compitition Season was a week away and Dapple Champion was entering the begginers racing.He had ripped muscels and looked completely amazing.We would leave with 3 days left until his race so that we had two days to get there and a day and a night to rest up.


I slowly put Dapple Champion's special tack on and fed him.We had an hour until the big race.The race we both had been waiting for.

"Boy,we can do this I know we can."I whispered into his velvet ear.

50 minutes.40 minutes.30 minutes.20 minutes.

"Could all begginer racers head to the starting line please!"Boomed an announcer.

I lead Dapple Champion to his numbered starting box,11.

"And in lane 11 we have a beautiful horse called Dapple Champion!Lets see if he lives up to his name!"Said the announcer.I smiled,I know he would.

3 minutes.2 minutes.1 minute.

"3 2 1 GO!"yelled the man.The box door swung open and Dapple Champion galloped forward.My eyes instantly started watering but I could tell we had started off in first place,lets try and hold first place.All I could hear was the thumping of galloping hooves and the thumping of my heart.I had realised Dapple Champion seemed to be almost flying he was so fast but number 2,a brown horse had started to gain on us.I whipped Champion on and he lunged faster.The finish line was now in sight and we had downed into third place.

"Come on!Please?!"I whispered.I know that somehow he understood.I ran and he ran fast.Faster than the horse in second place and first place.

Dapple Champion rapidly crossed the finishing line.


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