Two Lovers. One Heart ,Not Beating

Annie has found out that Justin the guy she has fallen in love with is not the guy who she is meant to be with. Justin and his family are vampires. Annie maybe in love with Justin but the bond between her and his brother Luke is still their. Will she break the bond between her and Luke or will she decide she can't hold her feelings for Luke anymore?
Annie has only just found out that they are vampires and as shocked as she is she is surprised that they didn't tell her sooner. She always suspected that their was something different about them. As Luke and Justin fight to for her she has to decide whether she wants to stay with them till death parts them or whether she wants to stay mortal and look after two sisters that are in hospital for the rest of there lives.
Annie is lost but will she make the right decision that will make her happy forever or regret what she has decided.

Please read and tell me what you think.


4. Chapter 4


I spent a couple more hours in the park and then I left. When I was told that they were vampires I knew that I wanted to be one myself I knew what I wanted and I'm going to get it. I wont spend the rest of my life knowing that they are vampires and not be one myself , they might call me crazy or they will say alright but one way or another I'm going to be a vampire.

  I ran to the car and jumped into the seat, I put my foot on the pedal and went at full speed to the house. As soon as I parked in the drive Justin was sat on the step at the front door, he must have been their for about five hours. I stayed in the car for a couple of minutes and then got out and walked over to him.

"Justin I'm so sorry about earlier I just needed time to think" I ran the rest of the way to him with my arm wide open he embraced me and wouldn't let me go

"Annie I'm sorry I should of told you sooner but I was scared that you wouldn't want to be with me" he was crying I was worried about hurting him but i realized that leaving him like I did hurt him even more ,him without knowing when I will return.

"Justin I don't want to be without you please , don't leave me" I paused then I said it

" I want to be like you and Luke" once I said that Justin lifted his head as if to say I was mental but instead he kissed me.

Once the kiss broke he nodded and we walked into the den and they where all there waiting for me to come home. I told everyone what I wanted ,Nick and Charlotte thought it would be reasonable and I would a great addition to the family but Luke didn't

"Why would you want this you have choice and your choosing wrong, we didn't have one please i'm begging you don't" he looked really upset about my decision but it what I want.

"Luke isn't this what you want , spending eternity with me ?" I had tears in my eyes by this point I could feel everything he felt and it didn't feel good

"I do but not like this, i'm sorry" he turned him back to be , I was on the floor crippled with pain I want this bond to break i was killing me and then he left the room.

"Annie you alright ?" the concern in Justin voice brought me back to life.

"Yes i'm its just that I can feel everything that he feels the hurt , sadness , destruction this is bringing him. Why is this?" i looked at Nick

" It's something that happens with the bond like when Charlotte is in trouble i can feel it , it's very confusing and we will explain it but why don't we start with the basics"

He probably meant  by the basics by like what they eat and how they live their lives and keep living it. I will probably have to leave my family but i have none, my father died last year he was the only one that kept me going to school kept me in my work but since he went i no longer went to school and quit my job. My mother is a drunk she doesn't even now i'm never at home and my brother moved away and my two twin sisters are in the hospital there dying of some unknown disease.

" What do you want me to know then Nick?" 

He explained about the blood and the super strength and the non aging and of course i asked questions a normal person would ask but the main thing that got my attention was when he spoke about the sunlight, he said that once a vampire was in direct sunlight their super strength had disappeared they would be like a human for the amount of time they would be in sunlight, plus they don't have to sleep during the day. They explained about the myths people would say and just as he was about to continue when Luke walked through the door.

Luke was really apologetic to me when he entered the door. I looked at him to make sure he was okay with it all and as soon as he nodded we continued the conversation. We where all surprised when Luke spoke.

"Nick have you told her yet?" I looked at him to see what he meant but he wouldn't look me in the eyes.

"Tell me what?" I looked at Nick questionably

"No Luke I haven't told her I was waiting for you to return"

I turned to look at Luke and he hung his head, so I turned to Nick hoping he had the answers but Nicks head was turned to Justin. For the first time I notice that Charlotte wasn't in the room.

 I shook it out of my mind and looked at the floor. The next thing I know i'm waking up with Luke by my side. As I looked at him he had one hand out to me and one finger to his lips as if to say be quite. I must have fallen asleep, I took his hand and he walked me out to the deck outside.

  Once we where outside he let go of my hand and held me close. When he relaxed his arms I pulled out from his strong , safe grip.

"What happened?" i asked.

"Well we discussed what to do when you where asleep and when you woke we would discuss whats going to happen"

Once he said that I wondered further near the water and looked out to it, I started to think to myself and then realized what he meant.

" I can't choose between you and Justin. Not yet your just going to have to wait" I started to cry but then Luke wrapped his arms around me and whispered " I wont I will wait. I love you" he took me face in his hand and kissed my forehead. 

I grab hold of his wrist and took his hand in mine. We stood on the decking for a while till I was starting to get cold i dragged Luke back inside. As we reached the doors Luke stopped , not matter how hard I tried to pull him in it didn't work.

"Whats wrong?"

"Annie do you really want to be like us ?"

"Luke you know i have nothing , my mothers a drunk , my father is dead so is my brother and my sisters are dying I have nothing to live for" i let go of his hand and turned my back to him.

I heard him take a deep breath and then he put his hand on my shoulder, i made no attempt to brush it off.

" I'm sorry Annie I know how hard everything has been on you but is being a monster the life you want?"

I looked at him and nodded , to me he had a gift to live forever.

I couldn't live with out them they are my family now that's how it's going to stay.

I walked straight in leaving Luke outside with his thoughts and I went to find Nick. I eventually found him in the den with Charlotte with Justin as always I sat in front of Charlotte she loved to play with my hair. Justin went up stairs and that when i got confused.

"He's gone upstairs to sulk"


" cause your bonded to Luke he can tell Justin to stay away from you and that's what he has done while you where sleeping"

"really , wow I'm going to kill Luke"

She laughed and tutted.

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