Two Lovers. One Heart ,Not Beating

Annie has found out that Justin the guy she has fallen in love with is not the guy who she is meant to be with. Justin and his family are vampires. Annie maybe in love with Justin but the bond between her and his brother Luke is still their. Will she break the bond between her and Luke or will she decide she can't hold her feelings for Luke anymore?
Annie has only just found out that they are vampires and as shocked as she is she is surprised that they didn't tell her sooner. She always suspected that their was something different about them. As Luke and Justin fight to for her she has to decide whether she wants to stay with them till death parts them or whether she wants to stay mortal and look after two sisters that are in hospital for the rest of there lives.
Annie is lost but will she make the right decision that will make her happy forever or regret what she has decided.

Please read and tell me what you think.


3. Chapter 3

I sat their in shock.

They where vampires , that one word went through my mind. I didn't even notice that Justin and Luke where stood in the door way waiting for me to talk.

Someone sat next to me but i didn't know how it was but i just didn't care at that moment but I could tell that there was someone by the dent in the sofa. I felt a hand on my shoulder and my reaction was to stand up but i just sat there.

When i finally found my voice i spoke.

"V-v-vampire?" the only word that seem to be in my vocabulary and it came out of my mouth.

Justin was the first one who spoke.

"yes we are" i was surprised that he was angry or upset because Nick had told me first and not him.

Luke spoke next.

"Are you scared?"

I didn't think I was so i just said one word.


That seemed to shock everyone. I wasn't scared one bit , I knew they wouldn't hurt me like Nick had said before he told me and he meant no harm to come to me.

I started to talk again once I found my voice

"I'm not scared because I know that none of you will hurt me" I looked into Justin's eyes and I could see the deep love, passion and desire for me.

Justin took my hand in his and squeezed it.

Nick opened his mouth to talk but then closed it so Luke started to talk instead.

"Nick why did you tell her anyway?" we all turned to him turned to him as if we all had that question in our mind.

Nick looked at me , we all knew he must have a reason to tell me but what ? Then I realized what it was but I wasn't sure whether I want everyone to know but then I just nodded.

"well Annie went to Charlotte and said that she starting to have feelings for Luke" I knew by what he said was true but it hurt Justin to know that i'm starting to like his brother.

"yes but that doesn't mean anything" i turned to Nick and he looked at Luke and then Luke looked at Justin. "does it?" i asked.

"Does it ?" I said again but a bit louder.

They didn't answer me so I started to walk out but Luke was in my way so I stood in front of him and cleared my throat and tapped my foot and after a couple of minutes he moved and let me walk on.

I walked to the kitchen picked up my car keys and started to walk to my car but Charlotte was in my way.

"look Charlotte I need to think so please let me go" she sighed and then let me pass but she shouted after me.

"Don't go far"

I nodded for her judgment and then I walked to my car and unlocked the door and before i could get in Justin stood at the door. I stopped half way and tapped my foot again hoping he would move.

"Get out of my way Justin" I said with a bit of frustration in my voice.

"Please stay. I'll tell you anything you want to know" he pleaded with his green eyes.

"Fine then. Do you trust me ?" i asked.

Justin cocked his head and then spoke.

"Yes of course i do"

"Then let me go and think. I'll be back later"

He wasn't happy about it but he let me pass. By the look on his face he was angry and upset, I didn't want to hurt him but I needed some time alone.

I walked past him and got into the car and drove away. Justin's sad face was the last look I got until I get back.

I continued to drive for about two hours and the stopped at a dog park. I got out and stood in the dark taking deep breathes, my phone kept ringing but i just ignored it knowing that it would be Justin or Luke.

I walked to the edge of the field and sat down on the grass but then i heard the bushes move to my right it made me jump onto my feet.

"Justin" I shouted thinking that it would be him.

I saw a dark shadow walk towards me , by the build of body I knew that it wasn't Justin.

"Luke?"I whispered.

"I'm sorry i followed you but this is the only way i could talk to you alone" he said with his head down.

"It's all right. I understand"

I started to walk towards him and then I stopped before I got too close.

"Your not scared of me ?" he said with shock in the back of his voice.

"No i'm not" once i said no his head shot up and ran over to me. I didn't even see him move and the next minute he was standing next to me.

"Good" he whispered in my ear. He gave me shivers.

He stood in front of me getting closer and closer. The next minute his lips where on mine, Luke gave every feeling he had towards me in that kiss, passion, lust, love desire everything he felt went through me. I never knew he felt that way about me, if I knew i would of stayed away from him and his family.As if he read my mind he pulled away from the kiss.

"Don't leave me. Even if I may not have you i wont" he paused "No I need you in my life" he looked into my eyes and I saw how much he loved me.

"Luke I know how much your hurting but please don't tell Justin about tonight" 

I know how much its going to hurt him but i don't want to hurt Justin too.

He nodded as if he where to say he understood.

"Luke can you go home now please. I'll be back in a little while"

"Alright but don't be too long" he responded

With that he was gone in a flash.

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