Two Lovers. One Heart ,Not Beating

Annie has found out that Justin the guy she has fallen in love with is not the guy who she is meant to be with. Justin and his family are vampires. Annie maybe in love with Justin but the bond between her and his brother Luke is still their. Will she break the bond between her and Luke or will she decide she can't hold her feelings for Luke anymore?
Annie has only just found out that they are vampires and as shocked as she is she is surprised that they didn't tell her sooner. She always suspected that their was something different about them. As Luke and Justin fight to for her she has to decide whether she wants to stay with them till death parts them or whether she wants to stay mortal and look after two sisters that are in hospital for the rest of there lives.
Annie is lost but will she make the right decision that will make her happy forever or regret what she has decided.

Please read and tell me what you think.


2. Chapter 2

  It was half way through the day  and Luke had already dragged me outside to the lake, got me to play ping pong so he could win and took me to the library and read two books. I'm starting t get tired, though its been an amazing day I need some sleep.

  As I walked into the den to sleep on the sofa Justin was already on one of them lying down , most likely sleeping. His eyes where closed, I thought knows my time to jump on him. Just as I got closer to him ready to jump he scared me.

"Don't even think about it" he said with a smile, i laid next to him.

"How did you know I was their " I said with me face snuggled in his torso.

"I sensed your presence" he responded with a smile.

After a couple of minutes of silence Justin spoke again.

"Aren't you meant to be with Luke" he sounded upset.

"Yes but Charlotte asked him to make an errand for her so it gives me time to spend some time with you" i saw a smile in the corner of his mouth.

With a smile he squeezed me tighter and then spoke.

"was spending time with him that bad?"

I felt a little guilty but i did have fun with him, i sat up and looked him in the eyes.

" no it was fun but he does now how to make you tired. plus he wouldn't allow me to see you" I smiled after  said that and with that moment Justin gave me a peck on the lips and spoke again.

"ha ha. ah well it is his day plus i can't keep expecting you to be with me twenty four hours"

I looked at him as if he didn't mean it or whether that was what Charlotte and Nick wanted him to say. I was truly hurt by it.

He must have noticed how hurt I was by what he said cause he went to hold me and I pushed him back. I got up and turned my back to him and walked out without saying anything, i kept saying to myself he didn't mean it but to be honest i don't now what he means anymore. I went to fine Charlotte knowing her she is most likely to be in the kitchen or in the study. I know he was sorry but i just couldn't talk to him after he said that i was hurt and angry. 

I found Charlotte with Nick in the kitchen, they looked so good together they generally loved each other. They saw me enter the kitchen and they could tell i was upset. Charlotte walked over to me and gave me a hug and once she let go she spoke to me.

 " Whats wrong Annie you look so upset" i looked up to her with tears in my eyes.

" I just don't understand" i paused for a minute then continued to speak.

"I love Justin but i feel this tug that makes me want to be with Luke. It's like he has to be near me" I started to cry harder. Charlotte took my hand and with that i followed her into the study.

Nick was in their behind his desk and Charlotte when over to him and whispered in his ear, by the look on his face i could tell that he wanted to talk to me.

I sat down on the sofa opposite him and he sat in the arm chair and i looked him straight into the eyes and their was something about him that didn't seem right , something dark inside him that made me shiver right down to the core. He was a business man , he had every update network and electronics in this house. 

Once he cleared his voice he spoke to me.

" Annie you said to Charlotte that you feel something like you tug towards Luke although you love Justin. Is that correct?" he looked like their was something wrong with what he said.  

I nodded with a huff and he spoke again.

"Do you know why that is ?" he stood up and came to sit next to me.

"No i don't" i looked at him hoping he would give me the answer. After five minutes had gone he finally spoke.

"well its hard to put but i'll try anyway" he came out with it right away

"Your bonded to Luke , it means that your blood ties with his your meant to be with him but cause you met Justin first you fell in love with him and Justin fell in love with you as well but Luke is in love with you as well. Annie we will sort with out and we will find out whats going on" he took a deep breath and took my hand.

"How could this be , I've never heard anything like it " i told him.

He let go of my hand and stood up , after what seemed like and forever of waiting he finally spoke

"Remember what I'm about to tell you is because of your safety and we all love you in this family" he started to worry me, what was he about to tell me.

"we're vampires all of us are" he breathed out.

I went through the whole sentence and the last the word that went through my mind was.



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