Two Lovers. One Heart ,Not Beating

Annie has found out that Justin the guy she has fallen in love with is not the guy who she is meant to be with. Justin and his family are vampires. Annie maybe in love with Justin but the bond between her and his brother Luke is still their. Will she break the bond between her and Luke or will she decide she can't hold her feelings for Luke anymore?
Annie has only just found out that they are vampires and as shocked as she is she is surprised that they didn't tell her sooner. She always suspected that their was something different about them. As Luke and Justin fight to for her she has to decide whether she wants to stay with them till death parts them or whether she wants to stay mortal and look after two sisters that are in hospital for the rest of there lives.
Annie is lost but will she make the right decision that will make her happy forever or regret what she has decided.

Please read and tell me what you think.


1. Chapter 1

As I open my eyes i see a blank ceiling a ceiling that I've seen many times before, I try to remember what happened the night before but I got nothing. I smell a sweet honey scent and not remembering who owned that scent. As I try to sit up in the bed i recognized the colour of the duvet, looking around i see the box room the room that I've seen a thousand times before. The dark walls, the cream wardrobe and the flat screen TV. Just then I started to remember where I was, of course I was at Justin's house. My relationship with Justin is complicated, Justin is the dream guy every girl want but no girl gets well lucky for me I do. He has a brother called Luke , he is a whole different story they don't even look alike. They have another brother that they live with called Nick and he is married to Charlotte. None of the three brothers look alike, Justin has auburn hair with green eyes and Luke is blond with blue eyes and well Nick has black hair with brown eyes. Cause Charlotte married into the family so she looks nothing alike of course, she mothers the boys and as soon as I walked through the door she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards her bedroom. She was waiting for a girl to some along and now she has got one. Speaking of Justin and Luke where are they? I knew I was In Justin's room but he was no where to be seen. I sat there wondering where he was but the I realized there was steam coming out of the bathroom. Taking a breathe out of my mouth and inhaled in through my nose I smelled Justin's scent.

  Their was a knock at my door, I started to look around for my clothes but before i could reach the door flew open and standing their was Luke.

"Sorry Annie I didn't realize you stayed the night" he looked really tense seeing my in Justin's bed. He turned his back to me to walk out the room but then he turned around as if he had more to say.

"I'm looking for Justin, he wasn't down stairs so I assumed he would be in his room" 

"Yeah he is here he is still in the shower, do you want me to tell him anything?"He looked at me with those bright blues eyes and nodded.

"If you could tell him that Nick wants him down in the study ASAP" As if that was what he wanted to say he turned his back again to walk out.

" No problem"  said quickly before he was too far for him to hear.

  At the next moment the bathroom door swung open and this muscly, strong, steamy, beautiful person stood in the door way. Starring at his body he cleared his throat to get my attention. As he did he chuckled, i snapped out of the stare and looked up to his eyes.

"Sorry. Luke said that he and Nick need you in the study" I said with a smile.

Looking worried he nodded.

"Alright. Thanks. Why don't you go have a shower and i'll meet you downstairs in the kitchen"

"Are you trying to say I stink?"

"Yeah just a little bit" he said with a smile while trying to shove me in the bathroom.

I finally agreed and walked into the bathroom but before I entered I turned round and Justin's body was one mine. He pulled me in close and as his body temperature started to rise he lifted my head and a smile spread across my face he kissed me with deep passion. When the kiss broke we looked at each other and smiled, at that moment I could tell that he loved me with all his heart.

  Their was a cough at the door as we both looked their was Luke standing by there.

"Justin once you two have finished and gotten yourself dressed would you please come downstairs. Nick is starting to get inpatient"

"Yes. Just tell him i'll be down in a minute" Luke looked at me and nodded.

As Luke turned out the door way Justin spoke to me.

"I'm sorry about that. Just go and have a shower and meet me downstairs in the kitchen" As he turned to the wardrobe I walked into the bathroom.

  After I showered and dressed myself, I looked into Justin's wardrobe It had the same t-shirt and jeans but in different colour's and shades. I looked down to his shoe's and they where all the same but in different colour's. With a little laugh i closed the doors and walked out the bedroom. As I made my way towards the kitchen I heard pots and pans banging about in the kitchen. I walked in expecting to find Justin making me food, but Luke was in their cleaning up. He must have sensed i was in the room cause he turned around. 

"Justin is still in the study talking to Nick, he'll be out in a bit"

 I looked at the dinning table and saw the food on the table ans smiled, he saw what i was looking at and spoke.

"That's for you , Justin was going to make you something but he cant cook" I smiled and laughed.

"Thanks. Want to sit with me?" he nodded with a smile.

As we sat down and then Justin came in and started to shout at Luke until he noticed me. I swallowed my food before i spoke.

"Whats wrong?"

He tried to calm himself before he started to talk to me but it didn't seem to work. Luke stood up and spoke.

"Nick said that he thinks you and Justin spend too much time together"

I stood up and walked over to Justin he seemed tense but by my touch he relaxed.

"What does Charlotte have to say about this?" I said looking at Justin, he seemed really upset by the idea. Justin sighed and then got up.

"She was the one who suggested it"

I realized that if it was Charlotte suggestion then it meant it was really important. I turned my head to face Luke and with a fake smile i nodded. 

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