The dragon's world

Take your mind of reality and enter a world of fantasy. I know some of you may not be a big fan of poetry but please check this out, Infact you might even enjoy it! ;) thank you! Pika pika! ^_^


1. The dragon

I knew this mirror would lead to this other world
Where all the dragons are fierce and bold
How to discribe the dragons there are no words
They fly higher than the birds
I knew those dragons don't have any emotions not even flattery
The only emotions they have is anger and fiery
I stepped my way through the mirror
And forgot all about my baby sitter
This world stunned my very eyes
For it was no ordinary world this I don't lie
The sky was gold and the sun was white
The land was orange and it was bright
Flowers from all over the world grew on this land
As I touched it it strangely turned into sand
I looked around for new discoveries
I quickly pulled my phone out for pictures but it had no more batteries
I saw a sliver bridge that lead to the other side
Not crossing over I did not decide
I decide to cross over wondering what a waits on the other side
Soon the bridge shook and vibrated about to collapse
So I ran my way forward and made it at last
There was no turning back for the bridge was no longer to see
What shooked the bridge was not me
But a big giant reptile was what made it shook and go
How did I know?
It stood right in front of my eyes
It stared fiercely at me with it's fiery eyes
It was red like fire and warm like lava
It was as big as a volcano and it had no name not even Ava
Steams were coming out of it's nostrils and it's claws were very sharp
I was scared yes I was for it's teeth were long and sharp too
There was no turning back I knew this was it
It moved forward towards me, yes it did
I closed my eyes and hoped to die
I was also about to cry
Then without a sign it lifted me up using its tail
My hand touched against it's greasy scales
It placed me behind it's back
And almost gave me a heart attack
Then it flew up the top
I just wish I was in my bed instead
I was still scared as scary thoughts filled my head
I was unable to move like an helpless bread
I knew I was toast!
I looked as if I've seen a ghost
Before my life flashed before my eyes
I looked down to see other lands
They were painted different colours, pink, purple, blue, red and gold
I saw different dragons on each land and they looked very bold
Less harmless and looked more friendlier
And less scarier
This felt like a dream
But also felt very real
The ocean change colours as the waves moved through
It changed from dark blue, yellow, purple, pink, black, green, red and light blue
Then I saw a big red wall
The dragon flew over it and was not scared at all
At the other side of the wall was the dark side of nature
The sky was black and all the dragons there were evil and immature
The lands were filled with dead plants and trees
Even insects like ants and bees
The sea was black and filled with dead skulls
There were no living thing not even the animals
Expect for me and these scary dragons
I held on tight as the dragon flew me over
The dragon did not seem to mind I felt as if I was an explorer
Soon my fears slowly began to fade as I discover
This dragon was not harmful but it wanted to become my friend
Flying me to different places till the end
Then we finally landed back down the land
Where I touched the flower and turned into sand
The dragon gently put me down
As my feet slowly touched the ground
We stared at eachother for a while
Then the dragon bow down and even gave me a little smile
I said my goodbyes as I returned home
I did not want to leave but I know home is where I belong
I knew someday I will come back and that day won't be long
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